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Blood Test for Breast Cancer - Hidden Message

90% of breast cancer cases are unexplained

90% of breast cancer cases are unexplained

It has been known for some time that women who have mothers or sisters with breast cancer are more likely to develop this themselves. In reality 10% of breast cancers are caused by BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene variants inherited from parents, leaving 90% of cases unexplained.

But scientists from the University College London (UCL) have identified a molecular ‘switch’ whose presence in blood can predict likelihood of non-inherited breast cancer. A new blood test is being developed to indicate if a woman is at higher risk of developing breast cancer. This test can give an indication almost 10 years in advance that a woman is very likely to develop the disease.

This is really good news as it will mean that women in this group can have greater control in avoiding the disease. This is where it gets interesting.

Dr Lam, from UCL, says that, “If she (the patient) does have this signature, she could then work with her doctor to explore the options available to help her take control of her own risk.

“These could include lifestyle changes, tailored breast screening, risk-reducing drugs or surgery.”

I was interested in the discussion of ‘lifestyle changes.’ Studies have shown that exercise, proper sleep patterns, low stress and changes to food and chemicals can help reduce the chances of developing cancer, breast cancer included.

Also we know that these women are those without the genetic markers, so lifestyle plays an important part in the avoidance of this and other types of cancer. When we understand that it is the 90% of women with breast cancer who have no predisposition we can conclude that lifestyle is a key player here.

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  1. David McCall says
    Aug 22, 2014 at 12:03 PM

    Hi Jonathan, It is without doubt every disease known to mankind IS curable, you know this as I do Jonathan, it's all down to diet of what we eat. If you choose to eat process foods all your life then you had better beware, juicing and eating plenty of raw foods will extend your lifespan as well as giving you all the energy your body could ever require. Your body will heal itself given the proper nourishment,rest and exercise. Every second you are alive , thousands of messages are being sent head to toe in an effort to maintain or restore balance in your body. If you are smoking a pack of cigarettes every day, your body may react by secreting excess mucus in the lungs to protect them (and you) from the vile smoke. Unfortunately , this emergency measure reduces vital lung capacity and slowly undermines the body's oxygen transport system, so that the smoker slowly dies by degrees. A high protein diet can cause blood cells to become too richly supplied with protein. When this occurs the lymphatic system attempts to remove the excess. However if the burden becomes too great for the lymph to handle, protein ''traps'' (tumors) are created which are sealed off in order to protect the rest of the body from their contents. When oxygen supply is decreased by as little as 30%, these trapped cells can become malignant cells, unlike normal healthy cells, malignant cancer cells don't require oxygen to reproduce. In a sense the cancerous cells consume waste, saving the body from poisoning by excess protein, but the body is also threatened by uncontrolled terminal cancer. On another note, ''Transfats'' described variously as the world's unhealthiest foods or known as a ''heart attack in a box'' If I know all this then so do all the cancer charities and the drug companies, I rest my case. If you know of anyone who wants to eat better and protect there body from the ravages of 21st century living then may I recommend ''Healing The Gerson Way'' available on Amazon for £23.00 ''If you don't look after your body, where will you live'' By unknown Author Kind Regards David

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