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Dizziness and Vertigo

We are often contacted by those who have been suffering with dizziness and vertigo desperately trying to find a solution to their difficulties.

Balance, Coordination & Movement

Woman with arms stretched upwardIt is important to know that balance, coordination and movement are difficult neurological tricks to pull off in the first place.

As the growing child rocks, then crawls, then stands and eventually walks their nervous system is making lifetime internal brain connections between a number of different neurological mechanisms.

Important parts include the inner ear (semi-circular canals), vision, neck motion (muscle tone and awareness of head position) and what is called proprioception (nerve feedback from the body sending signals about position, muscle tone and joint position).

The calculations in the brain that occur to build a balance and coordinated motion is vast. Modern computers find it hard to recreate these functions and autonomous robots are still not as coordinated, well balanced and graceful as the most uncoordinated human.

So when these systems fail, clients can have a terrible time with a dizziness and vertigo. Sometimes these symptoms can persist for many weeks, months and even years.

Chiropractic care can be helpful in many cases. We have chiropractic techniques that can affect most of the systems used in balance and controlled motion. As a result we can identify and help repair damage to the appropriate system.

Determining the Cause of your Vertigo

A detailed examination allows differentiation between issues such as labyrinthitis, vertigo, loss of fine point determination and other problems.

These findings allow us to begin helping the structures to work as they were intended. By correcting changes to joint function, nerve feed back, crystals in the semi-circular canals and visual coordination we can release the body to heal, often with great results.

Live Your Best Life

Chiropractic care can help. Call us on 01603 764777 or email at to make a convenient time for you to see the chiropractor.

With 25 years’ experience you are in good hands. Take a moment to look at our Google reviews.

  • Helps me with my vertigo and neck pain strongly recommend.

    - MLG
  • Struggled with vertigo for periodically but had more severe symptoms over the last 8 months, Jonathan has set me on the road to recovery.

    - Philip G.

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