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It’s Always Nice to Hear What Others Have To Say 

Beverly C.

The practice has very good hygiene and has been very respectful of the fact that I need to be very careful because my partner is shielding.

Richard C.

I was very nervous but was put at ease within minutes of my first appointment.

Emma L.

Caring, compassionate staff who truly care about their patients. I had informed them of my anxiety and I truly felt like they had taken this into consideration.

Matthew H.

Fantastic and lovely people backed up with knowledge and experience.

Matt B.

Very knowledgeable and gave a great explanation of what was causing me to have such pain in my back. Fantastic.

David S.

When I arrived on Friday I was in agony, when I left an hour later I was able to walk without pain for the first time that day.

Roger P.

Very excited to learn that despite my advanced age something can be done to improve my mobility!

Daphne W.

Looking forward to my next visit. Johnathan is great at what he does.

Stephanie Wenn

A warm welcome from the receptionist, really friendly and chatty. Didn’t get a chance to take a seat as I was already called through for my appointment. I thought I was late and actually I was early aha! Full of information and knowledge and I feel like I’m in the right place with someone who knows what they’re doing and how he can help, and not just telling me what I want to hear.

James Childerhouse

Very easy to understand when being told about care program and efficiently looked after by the team.

Nick Blanch

Finally able to sleep at night! After a long term back issue that was affecting my sleep patterns and left me feeling tired and fatigued, I came to Inspired. Jonathan was careful to listen as I have some previous medical history that creates additional complications. He put in a plan with regular reviews. 6 months on the adjustments have made a huge difference for me and I’m finally able to sleep through the night again. The friendly staff are always welcoming and are brilliant at responding to any appointment requests. Thank you!!

Lisa Waters

5 star customer service. Time keeping is spot on, and organisation is on point.
You are listened to and every detail is explained down to the last word about your treatment, what is required and for how long you may need the treatment for. I just learned to live with the pain until a recent accident where I just could not take the pain any longer, i was booked in and seen within the one day, this may not always be the case as it can get quiet busy, get your appointments in early.

Zainab Molina

I have suffered from severe sciatica since the beginning of 2018. I tried everything, acupuncture, physiotherapists, other osteopaths… for over a year and nothing seemed to work. I ended up on prescribed medication as I was in agony every day. I did not see another option but surgery. Miraculously, I found Jonathan. I started to see changes from the second week and from there it has gradually improved. Jonathan has not only restored my health but has improved my quality of life. I HIGHLY recommend Jonathan to anyone who has doubts. Excellent care plus impeccable staff.

Christine R.

“Everyone was very welcoming and friendly. I had never been to a chiropractor before so didn’t know what to expect. But they put me at ease and made me feel very comfortable.”

Victoria Gregory

Since January, I have been having weekly adjustments which have greatly improved my upper back and neck problem, something I have suffered from for 15 years. The staff are friendly and helpful and Dr Wilson certainly knows what he’s talking about.

Marty Norman

“Friendly and clearly experts in field. Made a nervous first time visitor feel at ease.”

Victoria Bush

Fantastic!!!! Couldn’t ask for nicer staff, make you feel so welcome. The treatment really has helped change my life and allows me to do things I haven’t been able to for a long time. Very highly recommended.

Matt Smith

Difficult to see how Inspired Chiropractic could be bettered in any way , I’m very happy indeed to have found these people, and really feel that my needs are their basic starting point for their treatments. Thanks

Lisa T

I have regular treatment following a car accident. With adjustments every few weeks I have been able to recover with minimal medication. I would highly recommend Chiropractic treatment with Jonathan to anyone, I have always felt completely comfortable and at ease in Jonathan’s care.

Finbar Nile

When I first came to Jonathan, I could barely walk due to having such terrible back pain. Through a series of good humoured treatments, the pain was decreased and then eradicated. Jonathan gave clear explanations with regards to what was causing my affliction, this helped me make needed life changes. Inspired Chiropractic also offer a free wellness workshop which is very interesting and informative.

Kevin Lambert

I receive regular treatment from Jonathan to combat the effects of a desk bound career and a life spent sitting. I used to suffer with intermittent severe back pain but have been pain free since commencing with Inspired. Jonathan and his staff are very approachable and always provide a welcoming and friendly service. Highly recommended.

Scott Robinson

Brilliant customer care from everyone at Inspired every time I go. Went to see Dr Jonathan with lower back pain and tight/stiff upper back and neck. From the first few appointments I could feel a massive improvement and couldn’t believe the change. No longer have lower back pain and have seen a huge improvement in my upper back and neck. Can’t recommend them enough. A*

Mike Rix

I first saw Dr Jonathan Wilson with lower back pain which he very quickly sorted for me. Ever since then I have found that regular visits have stopped this pain returning and also helped my general well being. Jonathan and the team and some of the most caring and helpful people you could wish to meet. Thank you.

J Semmens

They fitted me in quickly and have been brilliant. Very friendly and approachable.

Jonathan Anderson

Great staff and service. From hobbling to running – great!

Daniel Howard

I had lower back, neck & shoulder pain following 10 plus years of an office-based job and made worse by a broken leg in 2017. With chiropractic care at Inspired Chiropractic I am now pain free for over 8 months, can exercise regularly, sleep great and have lost weight.

Bethan Gibby

I have found this quite helpful and dr Jonathan is great he really wants to look after you and the reception staff are brilliant and want to help you.

Bev Cushion

Very professional. I feel I am in good hands and am beginning to see results after just 2 visits.

Lewis B.

All round ten out of ten experience! The receptionist was very helpful answering my questions as I’d never been to a chiropractor before. The adjustments I’ve received have made a vast improvement on my fitness! I would fully recommend using this chiropractor.

Kim L.

All around brilliant.

Chloe M.

A lot of knowledge and confidence in knowing what the problem is and getting to the point in sorting it.

John Watson

The fact that I had to be helped from the car to the practice as I was in so much pain I could barely walk, and less than an hour later walked briskly out through the door says it all!

Darren C.

“Very responsive and welcoming team. Very reassuring and took the time to explain all steps in detail. Thank you .”

Phil Whiting

Happy to be seen at short notice, excellent diagnosis, good explanation, everyone was very friendly and professional.

Carol Aldridge

This place is fantastic, I’ve been coming here for 6 months now and I feel so much better, I had upper back discomfort and within a few sessions I felt a drastic improvement. After several months of care my back pain has gone, so now I come here for prevention of further damage and routine check. Not only does this place sort out your back but the reception staff and Dr Wilson make you feel so welcome and cared for. They even got me a card for my birthday whilst I was here which just makes me feel so looked after.
It feels quite like having a second family to me. I highly recommend this place if you have back, body, neck ache pain etc – they are very professional and so friendly.


Well I’d like to say Dr Wilson has been treating me for sciatica for nearly two weeks now and I confirm he is the MAN for the job, I feel 100% better from his treatment and may I thank his friendly staff also for their help and attention.

Claire Davis

I first visited Inspired Chiropractic in September 2018 suffering from EXCRUCIATING Sciatica. I was probably the most nervous patient that Dr Jonathan has met (!) but his reassurance, patience and kindness in my ongoing care has been second to none. The whole team are supportive and caring and are always on hand to offer advice and answer any questions you might have.

John Clogan

I have been seeing Jonathan for a number of weeks now and my back and neck have never felt so good. I originally referred about neck pain that conventional drugs (Paracetamol, Ibuprofen and Amitriptyline) could not touch. The pain was gone in two sessions and has not returned. Where conventional medicine fails, try Chiropractic. Jonathan has also been working on my lower back, which I injured playing rugby 36 years ago. I can now say that I am now generally pain free in my back for the first time in absolutely ages and without the use of medication. MANY THANKS TO ALL THE TEAM AT INSPIRED.

Andy Barnes

Excellent place, great work just short of miracle workers. Many thanks

Ben Craske

Excellent staff. Excellent care. Excellent results. Couldn’t be more happy. Would recommend to anyone.

Jon Cheyette

“Initially I visited owing to acute back pain which left me hardly able to walk or bend. After an initial scan and diagnosis, Jonathan was quickly able to determine what treatment I required. I will admit to being a huge sceptic but the results changed my mind completely! I was walking and bending within a couple of weeks which enabled me to carry on with my usual active lifestyle. After a fairly intensive programme of treatment I continued to improve and now visit about every 3 to 4 weeks. I couldn’t recommend the treatment or the practice highly enough. Superb!”

Cheryl Gillespie

When I discovered Inspired Chiropractic I was in a bit of a mess… I’d been living on painkillers for neck and back pain and headaches for years; then one day my back suddenly ‘went’ – I was in agony. After much research, I opted for Inspired Chiropractic – fortunately, I made the right choice. Dr Jonathan’s approach put me at ease immediately. His consultation was extremely thorough: he talked through my health history, undertook some diagnostics and then made a few (skilled and magical) adjustments. I could move – what’s more, I could move without pain! Eight months on (I’ve got to know Dawn and Dr J quite well…), I’ve learned so much. My quality of life has improved beyond belief – no more thumping headaches and I can flex and bend without pain. I’m so much healthier – I cycle everywhere and have recently completed three Parkruns! I love my life now – what’s more, I know Dr Jonathan will help maintain this new found wellness.

David Ridley
First class treatment from very caring staff. Why does the NHS not make more use of the treatments offered they could save millions of pounds in operations that could be treated by CHIROPRACTIC adjustment.

Lindsey Green

Regular adjustments has reduced the aches and pains I used to experience regularly and I don’t therefore need to take pain killers.

Emma Daniels

I am always very happy with my treatment and experience at Inspired Chiropractic. 5 Stars. What a fab team.

Ben Pinchbeck

An excellent little chiropractic business with friendly, welcoming staff that make you feel so at ease. You’re very cared for throughout the treatment process and Jonathon is a fantastic, experienced chiropractor. He uses a range of techniques to improve your health and quality of life tailored to your symptoms and problems. Worth a call!

Jessica Platten

Jonathan is fantastic, would recommend to anyone to help with pain.

Michael Claridge

Very professional team.

Cathy Rushworth

Thank you for the regular updates.

David Kitchen

Thank you so much for your friendly and positive emails.

Victoria Young

Great experience at Inspired Chiropractic. Looked after very well by the whole team. I trust Jonathan’s advice and have definitely felt an improvement in my pain and discomfort.

Rachel Bennett

I’ve been taking a career-break from work, due to health issues (diagnosed with M.E / Fibromyalgia and Chronic Migraine) & tried a Chiropractor almost as a last resort, when the break / my G.P / change of diet etc had made little difference. I’m very pleased the chiropractors I chose was ‘Inspired’! I would happily recommend them to anyone. It’s great how welcoming & friendly they are, but they are also very knowledgeable &, after just a couple of months of treatments from Dr Jonathan, I feel measurably better – I’m sleeping better, have more energy, fewer migraines & less pain in my neck / shoulders, which have always been problematic. Now that my body is stronger, I feel more confident about my return to work in a couple of months’ time. There is more to be done, and my visits will continue, but without them I’d probably still be in bed most of the day. As it is, I’m on week 4 of the C25K program!

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