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Scoliosis Care

Happy familyWhen viewed from behind the spine should be straight, the shoulders and hips should be level and the bottom of both shoulder blades should be at the same level. There can be many reasons why these structures might not be level and scoliosis is only one of them.

There are different types of scoliosis and most are mild in nature. They need to be monitored until a client stops growing because in a small number of cases they can continue to develop sometimes resulting in pressure on the heart and lungs. This is unusual and most scoliosis is self-limiting and stops developing.

Most pain associated with scoliosis can be managed and reduced, often with complete resolution of the pain. Typically clients report pain between the spine and the shoulder blade on the convex side or the base of the neck and in the lower back.

Clients who have scoliosis often find that chiropractic care reduces symptoms and notice that after a course of chiropractic care they have better function. When there is reduced flexibility in the thoracic spine, or mid back, the spinal movement is forced onto the lower back and neck, resulting in pain in these areas.

At Inspired Chiropractic we focus on improving the structure of the body so that your overall function can be enhanced and is in a better condition to reduce the pain. Though you may not experience a complete correction of scoliosis, even a slight improvement in function can make a world of difference to someone who is suffering from scoliosis.

The Signs of Scoliosis

To look for signs of scoliosis check for uneven shoulders, shoulder blades, hips or waist, where one side appears higher than the other and look to see if the ribs on one side seem to rise further from the spine between the shoulder blades.

Scoliosis generally develops before puberty when a child is likely to experience a growth spurt. A family history may be indicative and females have a higher risk of the curve worsening, though both sexes are equally at risk.

Postural Change

Postural change is often linked to scoliosis and occasionally this forward stoop can be reduced, as it can for those who have no scoliosis. With tailored chiropractic care and exercise most clients report a change in their function and have a reduced level of stiffness and pain.

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I started coming to see Dr Jonathan as I have scoliosis and it was progressively increasing in pain and discomfort. Dr Jonathan has helped ease the associated symptoms, reduce the pain I feel on a daily basis and on top of this – has also helped with sport injuries that were connected to my scoliosis and nerves. Definitely glad I started visiting Inspired Chiropractic.

Emily F

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