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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Relief

Happy mother and daughterCarpal tunnel syndrome is caused when the median nerve that leads to the hand is compressed in the wrist area (carpal tunnel), resulting in tingling, numbness or pain. If you suffer from this condition you may also feel an aching or swelling in your fingers, arm and hand or have difficulty with your grip.

Dr Jonathan Wilson (Doctor of Chiropractic) at Inspired Chiropractic works with those who have carpal tunnel syndrome without using surgery or painful steroid injections. By tracing the source of the medial nerve from its beginning in the neck down to the carpal tunnel we can determine if any of the structures that this sensitive nerve passes are irritating the nerve. This can give an overwhelming advantage for successful healing.

More than Carpal Tunnel

In most cases of carpal tunnel syndrome the median nerve (or the nerves that become the median nerve) is irritated before it reaches the carpal tunnel. If you have symptoms in the forearm this is above the carpal tunnel and other structures are likely to be involved as well. By ensuring that the physical structure, posture and flexibility are working optimally, the client is much more likely to benefit from treatment to the carpal tunnel.
Using this holistic approach the client has a more natural way to heal with the added benefits of better neck mobility, less shoulder pain, greater arm range of motion, postural correction and these are usually combined with greater strength.

Why Surgery May Be Unsuccessful

Many people wonder whether surgery is the right solution for their carpal tunnel syndrome. As the median nerve starts in your neck and passes by a number of highly mobile joints it can be irritated at many places before it arrives at the carpal tunnel. If the symptoms that you experience are also in the forearm then the medial nerve is irritated prior to the carpal tunnel and to address the carpal tunnel alone may not provide the desired resolution.

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