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Fast, Effective Relief from Lower Back Pain

Chiropractors have a well-established reputation for fast, effective relief from lower back pain, leg pain and sciatica.





Lower back pain, leg pain and sciatica are all signs that there is damage in the lower back or pelvis. It may have started with just back ache or an odd muscle spasm, but many clients tell us that their back ‘just went’ and this is a hint that the injury developed over time. All of these symptoms are signs that there is some type of underlying damage that needs to be addressed. Pain can be intermittent because lower back pain is often the last thing to come on and the first thing to leave when you have an episode, often leaving the underlying cause still present.

Pain Points to an Underlying Problem

Pain is simply inflammation, muscle spasm or nerve irritation but it does not tell you about the underlying structural damage that may or may not be painful. Also Knee pain, foot pain and ankle pain can all be important to understanding the overall structure of the spine. They allow the chiropractor to help with pain in the lower back because they give an important indication to any change to gait. Poor movement of the joints of the lower limbs are linked to poor movement of the lower back, creating inefficient movement and over time, injury.

A chiropractor will examine a client to understand what structures in the lower back have been damaged such as a bulging disc, sacroiliac joints, sciatic nerve, hip joint, coccyx and muscles groups such as the psoas or the iliotibial band (ITB).

This allows the chiropractor to have a detailed understanding of such symptoms and the overall function which includes posture and changes to gait.

What to do NOW?

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