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Who Can Benefit From Chiropractic Care?

Millions of people throughout the world benefit on a daily basis from great chiropractic care. There are a few things to remember that can help you to get the best results from your care.

1. There are no age limits.

Multi generational family outsideChiropractic care isn’t just for adults, it is for everyone who wants to live and feel better. Anyone from new-born infants to seniors and everyone in between. Adjusting techniques are tailored to your size, weight and each individual’s specific spinal issue.

2. The first sign of a problem is not always pain.

A lot of clients come to us because they are in pain. But even if your pain is relatively new, the root cause of it could be weeks, months or even years old. This is because problems at first are to do with a decrease in function and as the body begins to function inefficiently muscles work harder, joints have a greater load and the pattern of movement changes. Your body is very adaptive and it takes a long time before it runs out of adaptive capacity and symptoms appear. The pain mechanism comes on last.

3. We are not magic-your body is.

While we love it when our clients call our techniques ‘magic’, you should know that our methods are tools to help your body express true health and wellness. Our job is to get your nervous system functioning optimally so that your body can heal and self-regulate itself without the need for drugs or surgery.

4. Adjustments are unique, just like you.

The beauty of chiropractic care is that we are able to tailor make an individual care plan just for your specific needs. This helps us target your problem areas and work on uncovering the root cause of the issue.

5. Optimal results are a team effort. If you feel great after being adjusted, that’s wonderful and this is our hope for all clients.

However, your quest for health doesn’t stop here. The best results seem to occur when we do our job (locate and reduce nervous system interference) and you do your job (better nutrition, proper rest and exercise, reducing stress and keeping your visits). Full restoration of function is the true goal, then your body will return to healing itself. This often happens long after the pain has subsided.
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