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Christmas and You

Family fun christmas selfieChristmas is a busy time of year with many extra things to do and extra demands on our time. We know that we need to look ahead and plan how to reduce the stress on our bodies and our nervous systems. Remember the three areas of balance: Eat Well, Move Well and Think Well.

Christmas is a time where these three things often become out of balance which results in an increased load on the body, reducing its ability to meet challenges and reducing its ability to be dynamic.

Eat Well. Christmas is a time for special food. Use it to rebuild and improve your relationships but use moderation at all times. There is old saying, “Once on the lips, forever on the hips.”

Move Well. Reinstate the traditional Christmas Day walk. In the cold it is easy to stay indoors and to stop taking exercise. Take the time to exercise and move. It is invigorating and helps relax and calm the mind and body.

Think Well. Remember at Christmas time the idea of a spirit of peace and forgiveness suggests that we should treat family members well and kindly despite how they have acted in the past. It has often been said that, ‘forgiveness is its own reward.’ Importantly it results in reduced stress. Anger and resentment have an equally powerful effect on the body but they have no natural end point. If in doubt – send a card.

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