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Disc Problems — How can you Tell?

It is a weekly occurrence for us to see clients who are trying to avoid surgery or steroid use to help with disc problems.

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The powerful weapon that chiropractors have is that we look beyond the injury, one or two discs, to the tissues and joints around the area that are also damaged.

A disc injury is like a nuclear bomb that has a far-reaching impact on all structures in the area. In addition to repairing the disc, the repair of the other structures is vital to good, long term healing.

It all starts with a thorough examination.

We look at the spinal posture and undertake a structural analysis. We test the motion of the spinal joints and see if ‘muscle guarding’ patterns have been introduced to limit movement in some area of the spine. The nerve tests are highly informative. Small changes to the reflexes indicate irritation to the nerves. Stretching some nerves can result in pain or relief, providing further information. Weakness of muscles in the hands and feet can help pinpoint the exact level of spinal injury.

All tests help build a functional picture of how the injury has affected the body and its ability to function and heal.

It always returns to one question; what is preventing the body from healing?

These tests help build a clear picture of the full range of injury and the aspects that need to be addressed to bring back the healing processes of the body.
An MRI is a still image in time and just like a photograph of a damaged car engine it can only provide limited information about the scope and extent of the damage. A skilled mechanic will test the function of the car, listen to the sounds it makes and test electrical function and pressure within the cylinders. These functional tests allow the mechanic to build a fuller picture of the problem. Similarly, we do not rely on a still picture of the disc but test the human machine so that a full repair can be undertaken.

Nothing can replace thorough history and examination. It reduces mistakes and brings better results.

Disc injuries are complex and serious, but chiropractic care is a really great way to avoid unnecessary surgery and get your body functioning well again.

Who do you know who has sciatica or a disc injury and has been told that nothing can be done? Do them a favor and invite them to call us.

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