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Dizziness and Vertigo

Thank you to Sarah for asking about this topic. I am often asked about dizziness, vertigo, labyrinthitis, tinnitus and headaches. It seems that many people suffer from these symptoms and feel that there is little hope. Can chiropractic help? Often.

Firstly, some background.

Don't rely on your vision for balance

Don’t rely on your vision for balance

Your balance mechanism is made up of the fluid canals in your inner ear (the labyrinth), the nerves of the neck, your vision and the overall sense of body position that is supplied by the nerves throughout the body – called ‘proprioception’. When all of these things work well, your balance will be excellent.

Sometimes clients say that if they are walking in the dark, say to visit the toilet in the night, they find themselves holding onto things. This means that they are over relying on vision for balance instead of relying on the nerves from the body to build a mental picture. The problem here is that you rely on this information to create smooth, fluid motion. When smooth movement is lost injury results to either the knees, ankles or the lower back. Chiropractic care helps a great deal with this.

Sometimes clients report dizziness. This is usually from the neck (cervicogenic) or from the inner ear (labyrinth). The inner ear can malfunction in two main ways i) infection known as ‘Labyrinthitis’ or ii) debris build up of calcium carbonate crystals.

Labyrinthitis, caused by a virus, can cause balance disorders, vertigo, hearing loss and tinnitus. The delicate inner ear labyrinth becomes congested or swollen and the nerve signals sent from the auditory and balance parts of this delicate structure can no longer be relied upon. This results in one or many of these unpleasant symptoms. Chiropractic care can sometimes help this.

With the buildup of ‘ear rocks’ or debris within the ear the most effective type of care is a treatment known as Elpey’s Manoeuvre, which chiropractors can perform with ease. This technique places a client in a position where the debris gathers in a harmless position in the complex inner ear and prevents it from aggravating the sensitive nerve structures of the ear. It takes about 2 minutes to perform and there is a home version that can be supplied to reinforce it if necessary. It is generally comfortable and is highly effective for labyrinth debris build up.

The final type of dizziness is cervicogenic. This is very common and in many ways is a complex problem whereby the joints, muscles and ligaments of the neck lose their normal function and send false nerve information to the brain.

For a chiropractor, this is what I deal with everyday with almost every client in some way. Modern use of computers, driving, television, mobile devices, stress and a lack of exercise all play their part in creating restriction and improper motion in the delicate structures of the neck.

The first step to the resolution of these problems is to make a time to see Dr Jonathan who will perform some simple tests to differentiate which structures are involved. Then we can find a resolution.

Who do you know who has dizziness or vertigo? Why not suggest that they call for a complimentary 15 minute visit so that we can determine whether or not we can help?

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  1. Veena says
    Mar 21, 2017 at 10:46 PM

    I need help had vertigo for 5 years

  2. Dr Jonathan Wilson (Chiropractor) says
    Mar 26, 2017 at 9:07 PM

    Hi Veena, I would be happy to discuss your experiences and see what can be done. If you have had vertigo for 5 years then I am sure that you have sought answers from a number of places. If you would like to discuss your problem, and see if we can help, then please call Dawn on 01603 764777 and she will arrange a time for us to speak or to find someone who can help you find some answers. Regards Dr Jonathan Wilson (Chiropractor)

  3. Kit Hannigan says
    Nov 28, 2018 at 2:24 AM

    Wow, it sure is interesting to know that chiropractors can address dizziness caused by ear rocks in just two minutes! My son always complains about some degree of dizziness, so I would be happy to suggest that he visits a nearby chiropractor to get checked. Thanks for this really educational piece about the treatment options for vertigo!

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