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Happy New Year, Happy New You! You are Newer than you think this Year

Very happy man wearing red shirtOne of the trillions of things your body does without so much as a conscious thought from you, is to replace dead and dying cells with new, healthy cells.

It’s happening right now. Even more so when you sleep: New intestine lining, every 2-3 days. New stomach lining, every 5 days. New skin, every 28 days. New liver, every 42 days. New bone, every 90 days. New red blood cells, every 120 days.

Your body creates 1,000,000,000 new cells every hour. Over time, this renewal process replaces the old you with a whole new you. This is what allows us to heal. It’s also why continued chiropractic care can be so helpful.

Your body relies on your current pattern and structure as a guide for the placement of new cells. Regular chiropractic care helps establish new, healthier patterns and structures, allowing better function.

This is why ongoing chiropractic care, even when you don’t have an obvious ache or pain, is greatly beneficial.

Our bodies replace cells based on how it is challenged and on the functions it uses. Chiropractic always aims to restore your body to its best function – Health.

Regular spinal scans give us important information about how your body adapts. This information allows us to focus your care to assist your body to function optimally.

Do you know anyone who could benefit from having a body that functions better? Why not invite them to speak to a chiropractor or pop in for a free spinal check?

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