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How Long Will This Take to Heal?

woman working at a desk, rubbing the back of her neck in painThis is a very common question that we get asked. Healing takes time and removal of the ‘Pain Aspect’ is the just first step.

As with many things in life, with chiropractic care, you get out what you put in. The gym is a good example of this. It is entirely honest. Put in the work and your body will benefit in some way. Don’t do the workouts, or cut corners, and you will get results based on what you have put in.

Let us be clear about the question. Some people are asking, “How long will I have the pain for?” They might need to get back to work, sport or just like to know why they are in pain for this length of time.

For others, they are really saying, “I know that this continues to return, what is involved to get pain-free and repair the structure?”

For a third group, they want to know, “How can I keep my visits to an absolute minimum to save money?”

What you put into your healthcare you get out of it. It is very rare that the onset of discomfort is the beginning of a problem. Often clients tell me that the pain came on a week ago, but on further discussion it has appeared as stiffness or discomfort for months or even years previously.

Why People Consult Us »

It comes back to how much someone values their health. Many people with diabetes continue to eat a diet that is difficult to control, with high levels of sugars and simple carbohydrates. They are well aware that this is compounding the problem but are unwilling, or unable, to make changes that without a doubt will improve their health and positively affect their quality of life.

So, How Long Will This Take to Heal?

Skin takes weeks to heal, muscles take months to heal, nerves, ligaments and tendons take months to years to heal and bones can take up to two years.

The healing that takes place is a function of the environment that the body experiences during the healing phase. Good movement of a joint, full nerve function, challenging exercise and nutritious diet are essential for good healing. Just like a fracture requires a straight protective plaster cast to heal, your body needs the correct environment.

Healing should be understood to take time; the resolution of pain is the beginning of the rehabilitation phase. Importantly your body will adapt and heal to the environment it experiences. Regular adjustments are as important as diet and exercise to achieve and maintain long term healing.

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