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How Well Do You Adapt?

Woman doing yoga plowHave you ever thought about the difference between something living and something dead? What changes the moment that something living dies?

Scientists know that one of the things that distinguishes something that is alive from something that isn’t, is its ability to adapt to its environment. A rock doesn’t adapt. Nor does a fence post. But we do if we’re alive.

A vital living organism is one that detects changes and challenges in its environment and adapts to accommodate. The more dynamic and suitable this adaptation is, the more successful and vital the organism will be.

We generally take it for granted; we perspire when it’s hot, squint in bright light and release saliva in the presence of a delicious meal. These are all adaptations.

This amazing adaptation to our environment is governed by our nervous system. When health breaks down we can often see ways in which adaptation has failed to work fully, or even at all. The immune system is a great example of this. Ensuring that the body’s control mechanism, the nervous system, is working well is the focus of chiropractic care.

Many of our clients come for care because their body has stopped healing. “How long have you been having these symptoms, Mrs Jones?” If the answer is more than a couple of weeks we know that chiropractic intervention is recommended. The body is failing to heal.

While many see chiropractic care as a source of neck and back pain relief, our interest in your spine is because it is the most vulnerable part of your nervous system. Nerve interference along your spine can wreak havoc with your ability to adapt, accommodate and respond to your environment.

If chiropractic helps you with an ache or a pain we are pleased, but secretly we are very excited when clients mention other ways that they are now healing.

Who do you know who has an ongoing issue that has lasted more than a couple of weeks? Why not advise them to call us for some advice? We would love to help.

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