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Ongoing Infection - Being Well

A client recently came for a regular chiropractic adjustment, along with her two children. She asked me if there was anything that I could do for her daughter who had had a recurrent low grade chest and throat infection since the beginning of the year.

After checking her daughter’s spine and nerve function and adjusting her accordingly I undertook some lymphatic drainage of her head, neck and chest. In the presence of a good diet and exercise I was confident that she would see improvement.

‘You will be tired for a day or so and then hopefully we will see things improve,’ I stated confidently.
Over the proceeding days what was a rumbling series of uncomfortable symptoms progressed into a full blown life halting infection.

In the mind of the young girl I had caused her to be sick. Previously she had experienced a continuous sniffle and rumbling cough; she now had a painful throat and was coughing up mucus.

This episode highlights the difference between being well and having symptoms. We knew that this child had a respiratory infection and that her immune system was challenged. How? Her lymph nodes were swollen, she had a rumbling cough and a red throat. Other symptoms included a loss of energy and increased sleep. All signs she was unwell.

Having removed blockages to the lymphatic system, the immune filter of the body operated with greater efficiency. The increased symptoms, whilst perhaps appearing like her infection was worse, was actually the processes necessary to allow the immune system the ability to destroy the infection and turn the tide of her sickness.

This episode highlights the difference between symptoms and wellness.

If you had eaten a meal that was highly disagreeable you might react and vomit, expelling the contents of your stomach.

You would look sick but actually you would be well.

Often when working with clients I find that they have raised lymph nodes, a sign that their immune system is active. The client often has no idea that this is happening and it is a normal functioning of the immune system.

In the case of this child her immune system was not able to overcome the infection and for months a status quo was maintained where the infection could survive.

When I cleared her lymphatic channels and stimulated the nerve control of the immune system things changed. At first uncomfortable symptoms were followed by slow healing.

This is the role of the chiropractor – to help the body take control and heal when it was unable to do so before.

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