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Slipped Disc or Disc Herniation

Man with lower back painThe spine is made up of bones stacked one upon another. Between them the important spinal nerves pass supplying the body with nerve function. To allow mobility and make room for the spinal nerves the vertebral bodies are separated by spinal discs. They are cleverly designed to resist force, resist slipping and still allow a good range of motion around the segment.

Injury to the disc can occur and because of the complex nature of the structures that make up this area of the spine, can present very differently.

Clients can present with symptoms as mild as an ongoing ache to those that can be very severe indeed, preventing any movement and producing excruciating pain.

In the lower back clients may report pain into the leg and severe associated muscle spasm.

Chiropractic care has been independently studied for effectiveness in treating this type of spinal injury. It was found to be favourable with good evidence for its effectiveness when compared to other types of care.

The studies look at how effective chiropractic care is compared to ‘sham’ procedures (no real care) and to care such as medication and other manual therapies.

Chiropractic care was also studied for safety and was found to be one of the safest type of healthcare intervention. Very few clients reported side effects and many reported positive health changes other than those for which they had presented.

If you know someone with sciatica or a disc injury then invite them to come for a complimentary visit to see if it is likely that we can help.

This can be a painful and debilitating injury; good advice is essential.

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