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The Best Way to Cope with Stress in 2019

There are many ways of dealing with stress, some positive (e.g. exercise) and others
negative (e.g. chemical recreation)

The harmful behaviours, such as alcohol use, gambling or using other substances takes a toll on our physical and mental health. This significantly loads the nervous system reducing our body’s ability to adapt and thrive.

This is when clients call the chiropractor describing tightness, discomfort and reduced healing rates.

Effective Coping Mechanisms

Woman meditatingMost of us cope with stress in fairly positive ways according to Professor Lyn Littlefield executive director of the Australian Psychological Society. The society runs surveys every year about the issues that cause people stress and what they do to try and cope.

Much of our stress busting involves doing things that distract us from our worries or that connect us with other people, so we can share the burden.

“By doing things like watching TV or movies, you switch your mind onto focusing on the story rather than your problems,” she says. “Sharing what you are worried about with a good friend or with a family member is very supportive and helps you spread the load or switch off.”

Other ways people reported managing their stress included sleeping, using social media, playing video games and doing something spiritual.

But it is interesting to note how effective people rate these measures of stress reductions.

Spending time with loved ones, being active, engaging in a hobby, doing something relaxing and doing something spiritual were rated as the most effective ways to deal with stress.

On the other hand, eating, drinking alcohol and using social media were considered less effective coping mechanisms. These activities are also the things to avoid if you want to be well and help your body thrive.

Clients often ask “What can I do to help myself?”

The answer is to reduce the stress on the nervous system by undertaking positive strategies and avoiding negative traits. The nervous system can then repair and thrive. Professor Littlefield pointed out that the higher the stress levels the more unhealthy coping strategies such as drinking alcohol to block out the experience. It has been said that ‘You are what you eat.’ Also true is that ‘You are what you do and think.’
Stacked stones

Here are the top 10 stress busters:

1. Watching television or movies
2. Focusing on the positives
3. Spending time with family and friends
4. Listening to music
5. Reading
6. Adjusting expectations
7. Eating
8. Doing something active
9. Avoiding people or situations that cause stress
10. Shopping

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