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Too Old for Life Transformation?

smiling woman with arms outstretched standing on a beachAn important role of all professional training is to equip the person with the ability to see into a situation and observe important challenges that are key to success.

In chiropractic, this means looking further than pain and symptoms to improving function and vitality. It seems much easier for me to communicate this to younger people who are more willing to try new things. They are happy to make changes that alter the performance of their body and in so doing experience a life change. In short-helping them to make a decision to transform themselves, to take on new habits and a healthier and more vibrant way of life.

I have important news: it is never too late to be transformed! Some people feel that they are too old to begin changing their world but this is far from true.

I have seen many examples of change. Last year one of our clients who is in his late 60’s lost over 4 stone, changed his diet and started a new exercise routine which is now an important part of his social life.

Another client in her early 60’s met a new partner and has changed almost everything in her life from diet, to travel and hobbies as they have created a new life together. It is amazing to see how their lives have changed.

Don’t wait for a tragedy or upheaval to force you to create a new world.

Speaking to a client recently he told me of his father who has retired and now lives a life of constant depression. With no order to life or defined role, a once busy man has found himself without purpose in life. He can transform his world if he chooses and is brave enough to try new things.

As a chiropractor, Dr. Jonathan Wilson helps people to achieve new states of physical performance and it is common that clients use this as a springboard for other life transformations.

Do not resign yourself to sickness, age and disease. Make a decision to be well, mobile and to try new things that allow you to live life more powerfully and with greater vitality.

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