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Trigger Points. What Are They And What Do We Do About Them?

runner with low back painTrigger points are a common nodular build-up that can occur in large muscle groups. They can be painful and are part of a change in the overall muscle condition and function. From time to time they can be a source of referred pain.

Contrary to common belief muscles rarely relax into a fully flaccid state. Muscles have a resting tone that allows the joints to be balanced between muscles that pull in one direction (an agonist muscle) and those that balance them (antagonist muscles). Even when a joint is being opened into one direction those muscles that oppose this movement will contract to create a balanced smooth movement. This interaction between agonist muscles and antagonist muscles allows a reliable, controllable and smooth movement of muscles.

This muscle balance is achieved by a complex balance of nerve signals which control resting muscle tone, forceful contraction and the more passive contraction required to act as the balancing muscle.

As a result, muscle tone and function is a reflection of the quality of nerve signal. If the muscle receives micro trauma, long periods of exhaustive contraction or incomplete nerve signals then nodules (trigger points) can build up. Those who are experienced in sports massage will have experienced them first hand. They can be painful when massaged.

The two main approaches are manual massage of the nodules, the most painful but quickest solution, and a combination of muscle rest, light repetitive activity and stretching. The second method is less painful but might not suit athletes who have a training schedule.

Ensuring that you have regular spinal checks and chiropractic adjustments will reduce their occurrence in the spinal muscles including the traps, latissimus dorsi, pectoralis, gluteal and piriformis muscle groups. Contact us to book your adjustment today.


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