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Understanding the 'Big Picture'

What does health mean to you?

In the our regular Wellness Workshops I ask ‘What is Health?’ One of the most common answers I hear is ‘wellbeing and wellness’.

I love the belief that many people have that we have an internal source of vitality which shows through everything that we do and experience. When the body seems to glow with life, it has a ready and abundant supply of energy.

Shifting our minds from looking at wellness as merely the absence of disease, injury or symptoms allows us to work towards a more valuable and satisfying goal.

Many clients telephone our office asking for help to eradicate an immediate symptom, yet few find that this is the only benefit they experience with chiropractic care.

As a chiropractor with over 20 years experience I know to ask and look for other ‘benefits’. A valuable part of practice for me is when clients understand the ‘big picture’.

This is a WOW moment for many people. Encumbered by the rush and busyness of life their health has begun to unfold over several years and, accepting small decreases in their function and vitality, they suddenly find themselves in a place far from their potential and distanced from how their body is designed to be.

Many clients find that for the first time in many years they are more mobile, sleep better and wake with energy that they can use to turbo charge their day.

I remember coming into the room recently to be greeted by a longstanding client who looked at me and said, “I just realised that you are not just the pain guy!”

It took a while but he had the realisation that whilst I care about comfort, I care more about function, the ‘running gear’ that is buried deep inside.

From this idea comes questions such as ‘Who heals you?’ and ‘why is your power down?’

True health involves the whole person, including our social, emotional and spiritual dimensions.

I have spent many years perfecting our Wellness Class to help clients make a small but fundamental step into the idea that if your body functions well you will heal and that your body is capable of amazing things.
My role is to reduce the things that stop your body healing and kick start the healing process. It is You who heals You, the doctor within.

Your role is to alter the things in your life that load the body and stop the nervous system being pushed in ways that it cannot adapt to.

Ensure that you have come to the ‘Wellness Class’ and that you and your family are checked regularly to keep your body functioning well.

Remember that we can arrange 15 minute complimentary visits for your family and friends to discuss how chiropractic can help them. Please ask for details.

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