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Will Exercise Help Remove Subluxations?

Jogging in woodsSubluxations are restrictions in the spine that have an adverse effect on how efficiently the central nervous system (CNS) can control the body. Just like the conductor of a choir, the more control the CNS has on your body, the better the body will function when faced with life’s challenges.

Exercise is great. There are few people who undertake enough exercise. So for most of us more exercise, or a greater variety, is going to have a very powerful effect on our health and well-being.

Exercise rarely reduces subluxations. It does however reduce their occurrence. Subluxations are caused by environments that are toxic to our nervous system and in our modern world, a sedentary lifestyle is a big killer.

Remember that the two other causes of subluxation are chemical and psychological toxicity.

The key to exercise is that it has to be realistic, it has to be practical and suited to your lifestyle (not ‘super human’ you) and most importantly you have to enjoy the type of exercise you undertake.

If you are not excited by it, choose something else.

Subluxations have a component that is mechanical restriction and a component that is neurological restriction.

The only way to remove this pattern is to adjust the spinal joint. They tend to be specific to one segment and as a result they must be specifically located and specifically removed. Exercise is great but does not replace regular adjustments.

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