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100 Year Old Mr. Universe

Manohar Aich

Manohar Aich

A former Mr. Universe, Manohar Aich, who is 4 foot 11 inches (150 centimetres) tall and 101 years of age, has spoken about the secrets of his long life and health. He says that happiness and a life without tension are the key to his longevity.

He has overcome many hurdles, including grinding poverty and a prison sentence, to achieve body building glory.

Last year his 100th birthday was celebrated by his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren who gathered in the eastern city of Kolkata to celebrate his birthday. Hindu priests chanted prayers while a feast was laid out to honor Aich, winner of the 1952 Mr Universe body building title where he was given the name ‘Pocket Hercules’.

Rippling his muscles and flashing a toothless grin, Aich says that his ability to take his troubles lightly and remain happy during difficult times are the secrets to his long life.

He also explains that his diet is simple; milk, fruit, vegetables, rice, lentils and fish have kept him healthy. He has never smoked nor consumed alcohol. “Learning to live a life filled with the things that nourish us will lead to a life full of rewards.”

Aich continues to train for up to 90 minutes every day and still stretches after his workout. Here is a 100 year old man, surrounded by 4 generations of his family, still going strong. He has not succumbed to the typical frailty of old age.

Instead he has thrived by living a life that continuously supplies the nourishment his body and mind need to stay healthy and vibrant. What can we take away from this?

Take a moment each day to focus on the things that are contributing to the improvement of your life, which also means your health. Habits and events in our lives can either be toxic or supply nutrients to our body. Take work for example; a challenging and interesting role is very positive for self esteem, hope and fulfillment. This is a nutrient for the body.

A different role which is highly pressured, unpleasant and without the chance of improvement can create resentment and become a toxic element in life.

The stress of life can take a huge toll on our physical and mental well being. Taking the time to nourish ourselves with good food, water, exercise, meditation, friends, family and all the other things that keep us growing strong are vitally important. It decreases the toll of physical, chemical and mental stressors.

It is easy to do nothing about it, but the reward of a little effort is immense. Take a little time to make a list of the physical, chemical and psychological challenges you face and change one thing at a time. Each change is a step along the path to better health and longer life.

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