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Bones or Nerves?

Happy couple sitting on couchWe live our lives through our nervous systems. Whether it’s enjoying sunset, digesting dinner or warding off infection, our nervous system controls everything.

Therefore, the better your nervous system, the better your life experience.

Our culture is focused on blood and the venous system such as pulse rate, blood pressure and cholesterol. Yet these are largely controlled by the nervous system. Even the smallest nervous system disturbance can dramatically affect the way your whole body works.

Since the moving bones of the spinal column are in such close proximity to the spinal cord, and the 31 pairs of nerve roots that branch out from it, many people think chiropractic is all about bones.

Chiropractors are as much about nerves as we are about bones.

The spinal column is merely where we find common interference to nerve function, which interrupts the interaction between the brain and body. Reducing the load on the nervous system allows your body to work more efficiently so that it can heal. Simple, really.

When asked “What is Health?” we often hear the reply, “Good health or bad health?” This is a common mistake. In real terms health is ‘when all systems and parts of the body work in a dynamic, vital and whole manner to counter physiological challenges’. That is when the body is working properly.

It is not possible to have bad health, just a lack of health. Increase the load on the body with a powerful stressor such as worry, chemical abuse or an over whelming physical challenge then it will fail to work to its best.

Initially this might be changes to nerve function, for example increased muscle tone or cramping. Later it might be fibrous nodules called ‘trigger points’ and eventually it might be changes to joint surfaces resulting in types of joint ‘wear and tear’.

To remain our best, we need to be checking our nervous system and being aware of body changes. Remember that to a large extent our health is not dictated by bad genes; rather it is in our hands to be our best and to provide ourselves with the environment for us to thrive. Chiropractic adjustments are important!

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