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Can you help my Sister with Arthritis?

Many people suffer from arthritis

Many people suffer from arthritis

This question is very common. Many clients have friends, family and work colleagues who they see suffer on a near daily basis.

They have been through the system and have not had been able to find the help they need. They have tried different medication and seem at a loss.

Whilst chiropractors don’t ‘treat’ conditions such as inflammatory arthritis, many people report great relief and there is a reason for this.

Chiropractors look at the structure of a person and perform tests to see how well the nerve signals refer information to the central nervous system and brain.

Just as taking your car to a mechanic to have it tuned and have the oil changed does not make it the latest model, we know that the car will certainly run better. It will be less likely to break down in adverse circumstance and it is more likely to keep running for years longer than if left to its own devices.

You might argue that this analogy is not a fair one. As human beings we have a healing ability that cars do not. It is what is unique about chiropractic – to be able ascertain whether this healing ability is in fact working to its best.

This is where those with disease processes such as arthritis, or other long term damage, get great results. Whilst the processes might continue, the body functions better, deals with the inflammation better, has restored motion and has the healing components of the tissues and fibroblasts stimulated into action.

Chiropractic clients report great results. This is not because chiropractors heal, or add anything to the body. Chiropractic care stimulates the normal healing processes of the body and the body heals when it might not have done for many years.

Can we help your sister with arthritis? Often. In the case mentioned here I arranged a complimentary visit to give a better answer for the client. As this lady had lost all hope I wanted to have a high level of certainty that she would benefit from care – having met us she can make a decision confidently.


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