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Care in Pregnancy

We have developed a passion for helping mothers and their children.

It is not hard to understand why, when you see the benefits that many families have enjoyed.

As a result we would like to start care straight away to give you the best results as soon as possible. We will organise an initial consultation to meet the chiropractor and to answer your questions about care for you and your child. This gives you the certainty that we can help you. Click here to learn more about the Webster Technique.

Two Important Cells

The body is a wonderful thing. We start life as two cells growing to over a trillion, which continue to repair and replace themselves throughout our entire lives. All this is controlled by the master control system – our nervous system.

Enhancing Nervous System Development

chiropractic pregnancy care in NorwichNewborns and children undergo rapid change as their bodies develop. In the early stages of development the nervous system continues to develop, based on the experiences your child has. Everything that your nervous system can detect will shape the growth of this precious and vital system. This is the stage of development when the nervous system is being trained how best to deal with the environment in the future.

At this time, nerve connections are being laid down.
So factors such as light, touch, food, chemicals in the environment and even the emotional state of others has a profound effect on the development of your child. Recent studies looking into autism and ADHD have shown that subtle background noises can effect the development of the brain over time.

As a result, healthy normal nervous system function and the health of the spinal is vital for good health and development. The spinal structure can allow the nervous system to function well or, if changes have developed, will limit the proper function and inhibit full and optimum development. This means that spinal health is very important indeed.

Regular Spinal Hygiene For Health

We think nothing of dental hygiene, regularly cleaning our teeth and going for checks at the dentist. From childhood this routine is instilled in us, but what about the health of our spine and the nervous system it protects?

mum and baby

The culture we live in today places more stresses on our nervous system than ever before. This is especially true of your growing child. Consider the hours spent sitting in school, watching T.V. or playing computer games. Further, consider the changes to diet and exercise levels that have taken place in the last 20 years. These things combined add a large, damaging load to your child’s development. Ensuring good spinal health and the neurological development that goes along with this is more important than ever.


Be Prepared

Child birth is a normal albeit traumatic process. In Britain, deliveries increasingly involve various interventions; epidurals and c-sections to name just two. It is very important that expectant mothers prepare themselves, and their babies, physically for this process. Although the full extent of childbirth traumas and interventions are constantly being debated, one objective always remains clear. The best preparation and care for you and your child’s health and their future development is more important and available than ever before.

The Best Results Possible

In the past parents have sought help for restlessness, colic, constipation, diarrhea, bed-wetting, ADD, ADHD, asthma, co-ordination and even correction to head shape. Mothers often call us and report back pain, symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD), sciatica, headaches, feeding issues and much more. The benefits that clients receive from chiropractic care varies and it is essential that you discuss any issues with your chiropractor so that you can receive the best results possible.

We are a recommended practitioner with Pelvic Partnership which helps to provide women with information about the best practice for the treatment and management of pregnancy-related PGP, formerly known as Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction. For more information click here.

It is hard to fully comprehend the powerful and permanent impact that normal nervous system function, and spinal health, can have on the growth and development of your child.

Act now and call Inspired Chiropractic to book yourself and your child in for an assessment with a highly qualified chiropractor.

The chiropractor will make recommendations for further assessment, and tests, if appropriate.
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What to Do Now

We are always happy to discuss how chiropractic care may help you. Do not hesitate to contact us on 01603 764777 where our highly trained team will be happy to assist you. Alternatively please email at to make an appointment.

Jonathan really helped me throughout my pregnancy to alleviate any pain associated to it. Thanks to his treatments, I managed to have a trouble-free pregnancy and a natural birth experience. Having chiropractic care also helped to shorten my labour and delivery. Karen D.

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