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person getting their lower back adjusted

When it comes to your health, do you keep on top of it or are you just coasting?

After recovering your health, it’s tempting to coast. But that’s a sure-fire way to invite a relapse of your original problem. Why?

Imagine that your goal is to participate in a 10-mile run. To get in shape, you run every day. When race day arrives, you’re able to run the full 10 miles without stopping. If you were to stop training, would your ability to successfully run a 10-mile race remain with you the rest of your life? Of course not.

Spinal health is like that. Discontinuing your chiropractic care once you feel better (coasting) interrupts the healing process. In fact, the most lasting changes to your spine occur with continued care after symptoms subside, when the pain and stiffness has gone. Also remember that the real value is that a fully functioning nervous system helps your body to be dynamic and interactive with the world around you.

That means that you will heal when you are supposed to and grow when you should, reenergising each night and awakening bursting with energy.

Being your best is a great reward in itself.

Are you coasting? Do you know someone who is? No problem. Just remember, Inspired Chiropractic is here help you to start pedalling again!

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