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Feeling Good is Not the Best Indicator of Health

Smiling couple on boatOur bodies are designed to adapt to the environment – being sensitive to temperature change, light, the need to rest and many other factors. The Central Nervous System (CNS) is what detects environmental changes and organises adaptation to these factors, regulating the body to best meet the challenges that it faces.

For most of the time, the body is capable of doing this. However, most people think that if they feel well, their bodies must be healthy. (Consider heart disease and cancer; there may be no symptoms but big physical changes are occurring to the body structure). The truth is that health is really measured by how well the body is functioning.

This is ‘hardwired’ into nerve function. The CNS does two things; 1) detects challenges in the environment and 2) organises the body to adapt and repair.

If the environmental changes are greater than the body can handle, if they have been present for too long or if essential nutrients are absent, the body cannot adapt or repair the way that it should. Many of these failures are to do with the nervous system and we see it every day with almost every client. They are not always painful but every time the body’s ability to adapt has been compromised, a ‘short-circuit’ in the body’s software occurs (subluxation).

Creating Optimum Health:

1) Have your spine checked regularly. Removing nerve interference is vital for the CNS to detect environmental changes and organise body adaptation and repair.

2) Reduce the physical, chemical and psychological stressors that have pushed your body past its ability to adapt.

3) Provide the necessary nutrients. These are physical (e.g. exercise), chemical (e.g. omega 3 oil) and psychological (e.g. sleep/love components).

Your body is designed to heal. If it has all the necessary components and is able to detect stressors and adapt and repair, it will do amazing things.

It is your body that heals;  chiropractors allow you to be your best.

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