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Function is King

woman working at a desk with lower back pain

In our busy lives we constantly endeavour to fit everything in, balancing our weekly routines with the difficult jobs that arise and the emergencies that occur in our families. Suddenly pain comes on – headaches, lower back pain, neck pain etc.

The interesting thing about these episodes is that they almost always happen at the worse possible moment. On the way to a holiday, just before an exam, when a series of work conferences is booked; the timing could not be worse.

I explain to clients that the pain they suddenly feel is a problem that has been building for a long period of time. The neck has not moved well for months, or even years, but there was no pain even though movement was poor.

When we are pushed towards our physiological limit (the amount our physical, chemical and emotional structures can bear), we perform less well until something fails.

This is why Function is King. As pain decreases the focus becomes about how well the spine performs, its range of motion, its quality of movement and the ‘coupled’ movements occur within the spine.

Joints that function well are healthy joints. If you know someone who has had knee replacement surgery then you will know that the patient is encouraged to walk the same day as the surgery. Moving and walking gives much better results because the health and quality of the ligaments and joint capsule are key to having a successful and healthy joint.

The same goes for spinal joints. The greater and smoother the range of movement that exists the better the long term health of the joint, reducing ‘wear and tear’ effects as you get older.

Regular chiropractic care improves older age.

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