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The Proof of the Pudding is in the Racing

3483-001As a chiropractor I have people calling me almost daily asking for help. It is easy for me to forget that some people find it hard to believe that chiropractors can help people to achieve the results that we take
for granted every day.

New clients are often amazed that I can examine them and alter the functioning of their nervous system; sometimes this means making muscles stronger or testing to find areas of weakness.

There are many ways to highlight the effectiveness of chiropractic care but a simple and practical one is to ask horse owners.

The equestrian industry has enjoyed a long history with chiropractors. Those who ride competitively view a chiropractic check to adjust their horse as imperative before an important event.

They find that their horses often can’t turn to the right as well as the left, have trouble jumping, stumble on landing, don’t want to canter or are just plain slow.

From time to time they may see the horse limping but most commonly they don’t call the chiropractor for pain – it is performance that they need help with.

This is the best focus group in the world. Horses are not biased by advertising, they benefit from chiropractic and it is obvious and plain for the whole industry to see. Ask anyone with a horse; chiropractic works.

The greatest benefit for the client is enhanced performance, less injury and improved recovery. No placebo, no bias, just plain good results.

This is the ideal at Inspired Chiropractic. Clients being well and staying well.

We put our body’s through difficult times with sitting too long, a lack of exercise that challenges our bodies, adverse diets and psychological events that are not calm and nurturing. Our bodies are not in a fit state to thrive.

Chiropractic helps the body to function better and then it heals. Easy and simple, ask any horse.

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