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Why Adjusting Engineers is Easy

Having your circuits checked regularly helps you to function properly

When you work in an industry for several years you adopt a way of thinking about problem solving that gets results quickly. This is very true of engineers and especially those who test circuits.

They spend a lot of their time looking for faults in circuits and repairing them. This hones their approach to problem solving so that they want to look at the challenge in an ordered way. First making this check and if that performs well, then checking another common fault and then checking the green wire and so on.

They are taught to approach problem solving in an order and prescribed way. This takes a complex challenge and makes it much easier.

So too the chiropractic approach has an ordered way of thinking. This reduces the myriad of possible problems to a core difficulty and in turn specific faults are found that are commonly associated with this challenge.

For this reason I find adjusting engineers easy. They complain of leg pain, I test the nerves from the lower back. We find L5 is weak on the left, I adjust the spine and it is stronger – they body can heal.
I see them several days later and check L5, it is weak again; the body is not healing so well. I adjust L5 and it is stronger – the body is healing.

“Let’s check it again on Friday,” I suggest. “Great” they reply, knowing that when the circuit is working, the CPU (Central Processing Unit) is in control and the system functions well.

Over a number of weeks (healing time) we see L5 strengthen and stay strong. Simple and easy for the engineering mind!

Having your circuits checked regularly helps you to function better – symptoms or not, working towards peak performance is more satisfying than mopping up pain.

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