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Winter is Coming - Time to Improve Immunity

holding fall leafThe days are shortening, the leaves are changing colour and we know that winter will be in full swing before long, so now is the time to remind ourselves of how to boost our immune systems and how to improve healing.

I often ask clients what part of their body is responsible for healing and the immune system. Of course there is no one part of the body; the immune system is made up of blood chemicals, blood cells, lymphatic draining and filter systems, some organs such as the adrenal glands, spleen and liver.

These organs and functions are all controlled by the nervous system; the great conductor of the choir. Just like in a real choir, if the conductor can hear the choir and the choir can see the conductor, both will adapt to bring about great music. The choir respond by actually doing the hard work of making the music.

Your nervous system needs uninterrupted communication with the body to allow the parts of the body to master a wonderful harmony that brings about healing.

Here is a check list of how to put your body in a healing zone;

1. Get your spine and nervous system checked by a chiropractor regularly.

The strong connection between the nervous system and the immune system is why chiropractic clients often report improved immune function. The physical structure of the immune system includes lymphatic channels and lymph nodes, the thymus, adrenal glands and the blood chemistry. There are many parts here that chiropractic care can help with.

Improving nerve function, opening lymph channels and stimulating the thymus often improves things quickly.

2. Take probiotics daily.

You live in symbiosis with trillions of natural bacteria living in your gut. Modern food, preservatives, alcohol and the pill for example kill the variety and number of these bacteria. They need to be restocked.

One capsule has billions of bacteria, some of which will be killed in your stomach and are still beneficial. Many more continue to the digestive areas of the intestine where they outgrow other bacteria. This will help boost your immunity by lining your gut with the bacteria needed to properly digest food and absorb the nutrients from your food. It will also help ‘crowd out’ harmful bacteria and yeast. Good bacteria can also manufacture vitamins as by-products of their metabolism.

3. Take omega 3 fish oil daily.

The fish oil contains DHA (required for proper brain function) and EPA (excellent in reducing inflammation in the body). These are required nutrients in the body and if you are not supplementing, it is likely that you may be deficient. Our diets have plenty of Omega 6 & 9 but almost no one has enough Omega 3. Everyone will benefit.

4. Take vitamin D daily.

If you live in a Northern climate like the UK, you are likely to require supplementation in all months other than July – September. If you are blocking the sun with make-up, sunscreen or not getting exposure during the day, especially if you work indoors, then supplementation may be necessary even during the summer months. We recommend 2-4000IU/day for kids and about 5,000IU/day for adults. This may differ depending on your current levels.

5. Cut down on sugar.

Sugar in the blood stream has the effect of increasing the amount of insulin. This is an immune suppressant. Western diets have very high level of sugars and simple carbohydrates (food sugar). Bread, pasta and potato are examples of this.

After cutting down sugar for a while you may notice that your taste buds will change and you will start to crave less sweet things. You will begin to taste lesser sweet foods as being sweet enough and that sugared foods will become sickly to taste.

Your immune system will benefit immensely and hyperactivity in kids reduces dramatically in some cases with this reduction.

6. Fresh air and exercise.

Ensure that you spend some time daily walking outside and getting fresh air through your lungs. As most people sit for long periods each day the body does not get the ‘flushing’ of fluids around its system that it requires. Make sure that, whilst you keep warm, you sleep with a window just a little open. You will be amazed by the difference.

7. Wear the right clothes.

Keep warm as the winter approaches. Scarves are a great travel companion if you are on trains and buses. They double as a shawl, can go over your knees or around the neck and really increase your body warmth.

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Like many aspects of your health, the immune system can be influenced by your control. With a little effort you can really turbo charge your immune system and reap the rewards.

We have worked hard to find the best Omega 3 and probiotics for you. They are the only products that we sell and we personally take a daily dose ourselves.

Who do you know who suffers from immune issues? Why not invite them to call us and begin the process of finding answers.

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