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It’s Always Nice to Hear What Others Have To Say.

Sassi Morningstar

Very nice staffs.

Corinna Kent

Great customer service, really friendly staff and always well looked after!

Joff Ames

Jonathan and the team really are excellent and give great service. Really would recommend.

Emma Dunham

Can’t recommend inspired chiropractic enough, after struggling for a few years with my 11 year old daughter’s back going to doctors and physio I decided to try here. Even just after a few appointments she can feel the benefits and has less headache’s, less neck and back problems already, I’m so happy and wished I had done this sooner. Everyone there are so helpful and welcoming.

josh d

I’ve suffered with postural problems for over 15 years (I’m only 28 at the time of writing this). Over the past 7 weeks with Johnathan I’ve made more progress in understanding and tackling these issues than ever before.

Johnathan really knows his stuff. I left the initial assessment feeling like for the first time ever somebody REALLY saw and understood my condition.

After having my first progress review 1 week ago I can see and feel that my range of movement has improved in many ways already. So far I’ve made no effort myself outside of the sessions to work on my postural habits so it’s very obvious to me that the improved movement has been a direct result of our sessions. I’ve just been given a range of exercises to start working on though so I’m expecting even greater results in the weeks to come.

Johnathan also recommended me an excellent book which was very relevant to me at the time and has already greatly improved my life in other areas. I mention this because I think it shows he’s a genuinely good person who really seems to want the best for his patients not just in terms of chiropractic care but in their life as a whole.

Also it wouldn’t be fair to not give a shout out to the great reception staff too who are always friendly and welcoming and nice to chat with! :)

I couldn’t find fault with the service or experience even if I tried and would most definitely recommend these guys to family/friends.

E Evans

Very professional and very friendly. Dr Jonathan excellent and treatment is always good.

Heather Taylor

Dr Jonathan has helped me massively over the past couple of months not only in regards to my treatment but with my health! His team are also absolutely amazing! 100 recommend!!!

Pauline Tomlinson

Arthritis in knee is so much better, mobility and my general health has improved greatly. I am looking forward to the continued care with Dr Jonathan and team.

James Potter

Linsey Leck

Went to see Jonathan after being in a lot of pain following heavy gardening, am now seeing him on a regular basis to manage my dodgy back and am able to get back to doing all the things I love, such as gardening, walking and playing in tennis, would highly recommend.

Thomas Wright

Richard Wright

Alex Dagg

Great team, very polite, amazing service!

Jasmine Parkin

I really recommend Inspired Chiropractic, they have been lovely from the start and really helpful with anything I need. I’m seeing great improvements in my neck pain and range of movement from regular adjustments.

susie McBride

“Such friendly staff who ensure you are comfortable and well informed about the procedures at every step of the way. Jonathon explains and shares information in such a way it is easy to understand and makes you feel confident in what can be achieved. We even have a laugh..”

Thomas Chaney

Ivan Sabchev

It’s a lovely place, with very friendly and nice staff!

george halfacree

lalisa marsh

Leanne Stubbings

Would recommend Jonathan as he explains treatment that is required and makes it easy for you to understand and makes you feel at ease. Reception staff are always friendly and approachable. Since I’ve been attending here I’ve seen such an improvement with my own health.

Natalie Lovatt

frank St George

Conor Egan

Very friendly staff and quality service! The only thing that could be improved is the price, especially for students – even a small discount would make a massive difference. I’ve been going here for four years and my back has been better for it overall, would recommend if you can afford to go.

Jeanette Lovatt

matt wilson

Inspire has been excellent! I have had under a handful of sessions and have seen a huge difference. The staff are very welcoming and Johnathan is very knowledgeable and funny.

Karen drane

Amazing glad to be without pain now thank you inspired chiropractic movement so much better.


I was in a great deal of back pain when I first come to see Dr. Jonathan. I have had a lot of back problems in the past. This has now been corrected less than a year later. I also suffer from arthritis in my right foot and knee. Although I still have some pain, it is greatly reduced. I have followed advice and no need anymore for any pain killers or time off work. I just wanted to be better 100% this time and I am very nearly there. I have also followed the advice of doing exercises.

kevin taylor

I have been coming to see Dr. Jonathan for a few months now, the issue I had was quickly recognized and the treatments have been excellent. I have had no reoccurrence or pain since visiting and would highly recommend inspired chiropractic.

Ellie Mann

Simon wilcox

Excellent treatment and customer service from all the staff. Thanks for everything!

Elska Clark

Cannot recommend Jonathan and the team at Inspired Chiropractic enough! I thought my spinal issues were incurable. Been suffering from issues for 25 years. For such a long-term issue it does take time of course. But I am amazed at the results I’ve seen so far. I know this will make me completely pain free in the future and I am SO much more comfortable already! Don’t hesitate to try Inspired Chiro. You will be very pleased with the treatment!

Sally Mann

Bethany Allen

Friendly staff, very attentive. I can in last October barely moving due to sciatica and was on strong pain medication, now I’m back to normal if not better! Highly recommend! Dr Wilson is very knowledgable and explains everything to you in a way you can understand. I will continue going for my adjustments to keep me at this recovery level!

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