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It’s Always Nice to Hear What Others Have To Say.

Robert Wiseman

I wanted to see the closest Chiropractor to my office and Inspired Chiropractic were only 5 minutes walk away. I had been suffering with Sciatica for several months and unable to walk properly. The doctors/hospital were unable to help after scans and medication failed. Within 3 months of regular Chiropractic care there was a major difference and was able to walk properly again. I will continue to have regular appointments.

Alan Ovenden

I had experienced left shoulder pain, getting progressively worse, for eight months. Neither physiotherapy nor a cortisone injection had made any impact. I was making a lifetime journey to Australia in six months time, but could not face the long flight. In desperation I went to Dr Jonathan: his care enabled me not only to make the journey to Melbourne free of pain, but also to carry a rucksack. I now have regular chiropractic adjustments to help keep me fit.

Paul Hill

Good practice helpful and does the job. I had injuries from playing hockey, Dr Wilson good at finding the injuries and has done his best to get myself better. The receptionists have a good manner and treat you with courtesy.

Faye Griffiths

“STOP FIDGETING!!!!” When you’re in pain you can’t relax and worse you can’t sleep. After 6 months of Chiropractic care with Dr Wilson…the complaint from my partner is now “STOP SNORING!!” I had no idea that chiropractors help with neurological disorders. My GP said I was just getting old (53) and should take pain relief. Now I’m young again :)

Uns Meagher

“The time spent following my assessment discussing the results has given me a better understanding of the issues relating to my back pain I now feel a long term resolution can be achieved on completion of treatment yippee

Jack Northwood

I started going to Inspired after seeing the positive results my partner had with them related to her neck, shoulder and back pain. I’m a runner and used to suffer from tight hamstrings and calves as well as occasional knee pain, but also stiffness in the back and neck (mainly due to sitting a lot at work) Since visiting Inspired the regular adjustments have pretty much cleared up the stiffness and the joint pain and have also greatly reduced the severity of muscle tightness. I’ve also found recovery time has improved so I’m needing to take fewer rest days and find Mondays (after a long run on Sunday) a lot more comfortable Dr Johnathan has always tailored adjustments to my specific needs and is always ready with good practical advice related to improving general health and wellbeing Even though I’m not suffering pain as much I still continue with regular adjustments that keep me in top condition

Sara Edwards

I have been a regular client at this practice for several years and am testimony to the benefits of regular chiropractic care. A repetitive job as a teenager left me with pain in my upper back and numbness in my arm, all of which has been relieved. I can now exercise and cycle without pain afterwards and monthly visits keep me in much better health.

Shane Clarke

After years of severe back pain, my back finally seized up, and the pain was so bad I could not even walk more than fifty yards. All the doctors could offer was tablets to ease the pain, or a fifty-fifty operation which did not sound at all appealing. That is when I thought I would give chiropractic care a chance. With my condition I admit it took Jonathon a few weeks to help me get on top of the condition, but since he did nine years ago I have been in the main pain free. There is just a little stiffness from time to time. Which is soon sorted out with keeping up regular visits to Jonathon’s surgery.

Tom Edwards

Jonathan is very patient and calm, always friendly and welcoming. My back pain has reduced significantly.

Nikki Twyning

I spend a good deal of my working week sitting at a desk using a computer – I have always known that this is not good for me, my spine or my over all health. I went along to Inspired Chiropractic about 8 or so years ago to see if chiropractic care would be beneficial to me and my wellness. There wasn’t anything particularly wrong with me at the time but for me it was an investment in good, long term health and well being. I am so happy that Jonathan and the chiropractic care he provides are part of my health regime – and I have no doubt that it plays a significant role in my good health and wellness. If you are ‘desk bound’ I would recommend you visit Jonathan… if you haven’t already!

Steven Rayner

Headed off some back twinges, friendly people

David Channell

I came to see about a pain in my right arm mainly when driving, after treatment this pain has gone completely. I still have regular sessions to make Shure my back remains ok and my arm pain has not returned.

Rita Mackenzie

“After my first Consultation I finally felt I would get some help to alleviate the pain I have had for many years. I was given

Alison Perry

An excellent experience to date and really feel cared for.

Richard Fowler

I came here after moving to Norwich from Brighton and this was practice was recommended by the Chiropractor there. I have been going four and half years now and Johnathan has done a great job of keeping my back in check. It has been in the best condition in years. The whole team are very friendly and they are very accommodating of my busy work schedule. They also do free classes if you are a patient to help people think about how to keep healthy. Although its not my thing so have not been its nice that its a free extra service and shows their general attitude to working with their patients to keep them healthy.

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