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It’s Always Nice to Hear What Others Have To Say.

Scott Dellar

I’ve always struggled with back problems being 6″2 and decided to try Inspired. After going for roughly a year, I’m beyond amazed with the results! And the staff are all extremely kind and manage to get an appointment to suite my schedule. Thanks!

Rachel Tovell

Only two appointments in and I am feeling very hopeful that Jonathan’s chiropractic treatment will be able to help me with my long-standing (15 years+) headaches. Nothing else has worked. The idea of finding and treating the cause, rather than medicating for the pain, is refreshing.

Mantvydas Stabdis

I am receiving chiropractic care from Dr. Wilson for nearly 3 years now. First time i went there with horrible twisted spine, muscle wastage in chest and shoulder blade, was unable to raise my arm. Got my arm back afrer a month of care. After 3 months of frequent adjustments started to see improvement in shoulder and chest. At the moment i am combining physiotherapy with chiropractic care to boost my recovery in regards to shoulder joint and chest. Allergy to cats, which i had since birth, disappeared somewhere, i am able to sleep on my back, generally feeling better in many aspects of life. Never ill, no more headaches, sitting straight, curve in my spine getting better and i have a lot more energy during the day. My friends have started chiropractic care and also can give only positive feedback. Happy 25th anniversary.

Joanne Green

I had heard amazing things about Inspired Chiropractic and now I know why. I was made to feel welcome from the moment I walked through the door. The ladies on reception are super friendly and warm. Jonathan made me feel at ease immediately and he has a great sense of humour. He is enormously knowledgable and I have no doubt I’m in great hands. Everything is clearly explained to me at each visit and Jonathan takes the time to teach me and widen my understanding of what I’m dealing with and why and the process involved in healing. It’s very empowering. I had significant improvement in my pain after only one visit. I look forward to my appointments! :)

Teal Tattoos

As a tattooist I struggle to maintain good healthy posture. My brother who also sees Jonathan recommended that I saw him. Initially I thought my bad posture, neck and shoulder pain wouldn’t go away because of the nature of my work. But after seeing Jonathan multiple times a week and following his advice (which he offers generously!) I have almost 0 pain! Like with any treatment it can seem like a large financial investment, but I can live and work with almost no pain which is worth every penny! I can’t thank Jonathan and the caring team working with him enough. It has been a lovely experience and I recommend him to all my colleagues and friends.

Andrei Cires

I am attending the clinic for the past 3 months. I was afraid to see a chiropractor but trying to avoid a surgery this was my last option. I do regret I haven’t done it earlier to avoid 3 months of agony with sciatica, drugs that didn’t work and osteopath visits.
Only after a month of seing doctor Jonathan I was able to return to work and nearly pain free.
The reception team is very friendly and happy to help every single time. I highly recommend them.

Ren Brodzka

Deirdre Evans

My husband visited today. Was 100 percent impressed, by everything he done and said. Feels amazing and more agile, would recommend him. Thankyou

Dominika Gawlik

For the past few years, I was struggling with a severe back and neck pain when I finally decided to do something about it. Dr Jonathan was recommended to me by one of my friends who was singing his praises when it came to helping him alleviate his back issues. I must say that I would now recommend Dr Jonathan to anyone without hesitating as well. I finally stopped taking painkillers every day and having an office job, when I am sat in front of two screens for eight hours every day, has finally become bearable. Additionally, as I’m not constantly in pain my concentration has also improved, and I have more energy! :)

David Pye

Charmaine Pigott

Been coming here for over 2 years, the staff are amazing, very friendly I am always looked after. They go above and beyond.

Oliver Higenbottam

I’ve been coming here for over 10 years. Great service

Marie Collins

Dr Wilson has helped me with both tension headaches and shoulder pain. Fabulous work on both and pain free. Thankyou so much for encouraging me to believe in how my body can heal itself after chiropractic care. I would 100% recommend Dr Wilson and his team if you are in pain. Lovely friendly drs too!

Agnieszka M.

After my first visit I am very hopeful that there is something that can be done to help me! Dr. Jonathan made me feel comfortable and sure of his skills. First time in years I am convinced that I will feel better soon and that level of the pain I am in will decrease with each visit! Thank you!

Louise H.

Excited to take this journey with you. Thank you.

Claire H.

Today was the first day I’ve not had a daily headache in weeks! I’m feeling positive that Johnathan may be able to reduce some of my chronic pain.


Thank you Dr Johnathan and Carley! It’s been a very positive experience you can be assured you will put right and taken in good care. It’s definitely helped me gain relief from neck and back pain.

Tony Mccallum

I’ve been attending Inspired Chiropractic for many years now and cannot recommend these guys highly enough. There is always a friendly welcome from the reception team and Jonathan’s chiropractic care has made a big difference to me. Thank you.

Margaret Mangan

I’d been looking for a great chiropractor for a very long time and knew I’d found one at Inspired Chropractic on the very first visit. I now see Jonathan Wilson on a regular basis and have always walked away with a lighter step after his expert ministrations. He is friendly, skilled and experienced with excellent qualifications and a good sense of humour.

Superb service throughout the practice with a very friendly staff who take a personal interest in their clients. The premises are scrupulously clean and they have used the time in Lockdown to create a very safe and welcoming space.

I’d give more than five stars if I could.

Sue Burrell
I am a patient with a complex long-term health condition that has impacted greatly on my posture and physical health for many years, with limited, to no, relief from physio. The assessment I received at Inspired Chiropractic was thorough and considered a holistic approach to the problems I was encountering. The relief that I have felt was instant and has continued to improve week on week (from a point where I was in a terrible state)! The staff are professional and friendly and I have been very impressed by the service and quality of care that I have received. As a final note, their approach to being Covid-secure goes above and beyond government requirements and more than put me at ease (despite being a patient who is extremely anxious as a vulnerable patient to Covid-19).
Thank you so much, I could not recommend Inspired Chiropractic, Dr Jonathon Wilson and the team higher!

Simon Hughes

After a bad fall, jarring my back, I started to struggle with movement to the point where standing for long periods of time and getting out of bed was a challenge. By the second week of treatment, I was moving more freely and jumping out of bed without hesitation. The team at Inspired Chiropractic are really helpful and friendly, and have always answered any questions I’ve thrown at them…definitely worth the recommendation. I only wish I’d sought help sooner.

Diane Jordan

Robert Walker

The reception staff were very welcoming and efficient. Jonathon explained my necessary corrective “Adjustments” and anticipated future progress very clearly. We are off to a good start, I hobbled in and walked out. Thank you.#
Now walking upright, not quite a guards officer, but less Quasimodo, almost looking forward to the next “adjustment”.

Norman Huggins

Really pleased with care I have received, back doing great. Thank you

Lozz Suwali

Incredibly professional and friendly service, and detailed explanations of treatment given.
Great results seen in improved health and mobility. Cannot fault at all.

John Briggs

Danny Knott

I’ve suffered from back pain for over 10 years and just stubbornly put up with it. However, a few months ago I reached out to Inspired Chiropractic and I’m so glad I did. The pain has improved and with each session I feel better. I would highly recommend them to anyone. Thank you.

Rosie Black

After suffering badly with Sciatic pain since April this year, I contacted Dr Jonathan and his team for help. I can honestly say that I have received nothing short of excellent treatment, not only from Dr Jonathan but from Jodi & Karley too.

After barely being able to sit or sleep comfortably, play with my daughter, or drive my car, I am now able to do all of these things with ease (and most importantly, with no noticeable pain). I still see Jonathan on a weekly basis to treat any lingering aches and to strengthen my weak areas. The pain relief as a result of these visits has not only had a positive impact on me physically but from a mental health perspective too – I see it very much as a self-care appointment.

The team at Inspired are supportive, attentive and I’m very grateful I found them! I would highly recommend them to anyone experiencing similar Sciatic pain.

Esther Stapleford

Always lovely service at the desk. And Dr Jonathon has helped relive discomfort that I have in my back especially my neck and shoulders. My progress will be seen on a more long term basis in general terms, but I have definitely noticed in the short period of time I’ve been coming here some relief. It is a reassuring that they specialise in scoliosis as well so I know I’m getting good quality treatment for my scoliosis. The first initial consultation and diagnosis was also very thorough.

Louise I.

I can’t fault the help I have been given so far. My initial phone conversation was very welcoming. I was given an appointment the same day. Arriving in a lot of pain, I left feeling really positive that I was getting the help I needed. My pain level improved after just one visit and I feel confident that it will continue to do so as I go through the treatment plan.

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