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It’s Always Nice to Hear What Others Have To Say.

Scott Garrod

Your receptionists are warm, attentive, caring and give a fantastic welcome. The practise is very efficient as you are moved from stage to stage effortlessly. The examination was thorough and very well explained. I am left with full confidence that I am in safe hands by all. I would highly recommend this service to others.

Michelle Smith

I was extremely nervous but Jonathan made me feel at ease about the whole and explained everything to me. I would recommend Jonathan to anyone looking for a chiropractor!

Tim Forster

After an operation on my hip and a career of standing up for work, I have had issues with my lower back, pelvis and neck. Dr Jonathan is knowledgable, professional and, most importantly, has helped me regain flexibility and pain-free movement. Trying a new thing can be daunting, but Jonathan and the great staff at the clininc have always been friendly and supportive.

Kevin Harley

I had been suffering with severe back pain from Sciatica caused by a prolapsed disc for a around 4 months and the NHS were slow to react and frankly next to useless. I couldn’t sit or lay down without significant pain, meaning at best I was sleeping 3 hours a night.
My wife suggested I see a Chiropractor and a friend of hers had recommended Inspired Chiropractic. I had low expectations as had never visited or considered a chiropractor before, but I am happy to say it was the best thing I ever did!
From the first phone call you are put at ease by an understanding, helpful team. When you walk in, everyone is very friendly and courteous, always happy to have a chat and put you at ease. Perhaps more importantly this environment/ethos is consistent on every visit.
I had the initial assessment with Jonathan and then followed up with weekly sessions. My back pain improved with every visit, quickly allowing me to get a good night’s sleep. Then with a mix of sessions and following Jonathan’s advice, I am completely pain free and able to live my live as normal with no mobility or pain problems. It is not a cure, I still have a prolapsed disc but now able live a very active and normal life pain free!
I cannot stress enough how visiting Inspired completely changed my life!
If you have got this far into this review, I can only assume you are considering Inspired and if you will take advice from a stranger, just do it! You won’t regret it.

Jonno Battrick

I was a bit sceptical about chiropractic care when I first started but can honestly say its one of the best and most important choices ive made in terms of personal health. Since I started visiting Jonathan and his team my posture has dramatically improved, I have far more energy, and my desk induced back aches no longer exist. I have a treatment plan that is specifically designed to address my goals and occupational strains, and I get regular reviews where detailed scans show exactly how im progressing. I cannot recommend Inspired Chiropractic enough.

Emily Francis

I started coming to see Dr Jonathan as I have scoliosis and it was progressively increasing in pain and discomfort. Dr Jonathan has helped ease the associated symptoms, reduce the pain I feel on a daily basis and on top of this – has also helped with sport injuries that were connected to my scoliosis and nerves, definitely glad I started visiting Inspired Chiropractic.

Rosie Taylor

After a recommendation from a friend, I have been receiving treatment from Dr Jonathan for over 5 years. After many years of strenuous sporting activities, I had developed severe arthritis of the spine & needed a high level of pain relief. It needed just a few sessions from him & was able to reduce this by two thirds. Nowadays my weekly visits maintain this initial improvement He has made a considerable difference to my life & for that I shall always be grateful to both him & friend from whom the recommendation came.

Steliana Stoicescu

I am really happy that I found Dr.Jonathan Wilson because he gave me back the sense of flexibility.I did suffer with chronic pain in my lower back,for about 3years and I tried everything ,physiotherapy,Pilates,yoga,even an epidural injection.Nothing helped me.A few weeks ago I started to feel a bad pain in my left shoulder,so I said I need to do something.I looked on Google for corrective chiropractor and I did find Dr Jonathan.From the first appointment,the pain which made me reluctant to walk (every usual movement was painful,cooking,cleaning, driving,walking),eased a lot and I am flexible again and I can walk long distance with no pain. Thank you ,ever so much,for this miracle,Dr Jonathan! Thank you for listening and understanding my suffering and to make me understand where the pain is coming from and making me to hope for better life. And Thank you for your caring nature and for your wonderful smile on your face ,when you talk to your patients ! With grateful respect.

Ingrid Harrod

I’ve been treated by Inspired Chiropractic for many years and they have definitely inspired me to look after myself.


I’ve very new to chiropractic adjustments and finally made the decision to see Jonathan after years of lower back pain, and a shoulder injury a year ago. The results have been incredible – after the first appointment my shoulder pain went right down and 4 weeks later I could take t-shirts off without pain. Jonathan has a wealth of knowledge, describes everything in clear detail and puts you at ease.

Emily Swanton

I have been to Johnathan for many years. After a previous horse riding accident left me in agony and unable to go about my daily life without being in pain. My dad, who also uses inspired chiropractic, recommended I saw Johnathan. I have never looked back since, he has worked wonders on my upper and lower back problems, but now I am pregnant my pain has flared up again. With weekly adjustments I’m feeling so much happier in myself and the regular adjustments help so I can go about my daily activities with ease. Thank you, Johnathan.

Kirsty Hardman

I have been going to Jonathan since 2012, initially for aggravated discs in my neck, with regular treatment I was able to turn my neck fully again left and right! More recently my back gave way at Christmas due to fatigue and nerves in my lower back. I was devastated and have never experienced such excruciating pain, I could hardly move. Jonathan saw me immediately and the rate of progress I made was unheard of. Thankfully I was still able to Ski (very gently and leisurely) on our New Years Ski holiday 2 weeks later! 8 weeks later I have started running and playing Netball. I am beginning to feel stronger than ever, both physically and mentally!

Georgina Pugsley

I had hurt my upper arm/shoulder pulling a heavy fire door. After several months there was no improvement and my mobility was getting worse from avoiding using that arm due to the pain. I came to Inspired Chiropractic thinking I would never get back full use of my arm. After a couple of months visiting Jonathan it was greatly improved. Now I would say it is 95% better. Thank you!


I have been seeing Jonathon for over 10 years initially with a very painful episode of sciatica. After following his advice with exercises and adjustments I was pain free. Over the years there have been flare ups but I have trusted in Jonathons expertise to get me back to pain free and full movement again. I can not speak too highly of the whole team they are professional and friendly and I know my life would be very different without the care I have received.

Ryan Buller

Excellent service, very friendly and helpful. Also Jonathan explains what he is doing and why he is doing it which is good

Rebecca Kemp

Top marks for Inspired Chiropractic! Jonathan is an excellent chiropractor and staff at this practice are super lovel… Top marks for Inspired Chiropractic! Jonathan is an excellent chiropractor and staff at this practice are super lovely. I’m so thankful that I finally made an appointment and started having regular adjustments. It certainly has helped with my upper back glitches and overall has helped me understand the bigger picture of taking good care of myself! Highly recommend this place!

Samantha Swinton

Inspired Chiropractic has really helped me over the past few years. I first came in when my little boy was only 5 weeks old (he is now 3), having had a ‘crisis’ with my neck. I have had continued care, through all sorts of issues both physical and personal. Dr Jonathan and his staff have helped through all this, even down to advice with childcare! All the staff are so welcoming and friendly, it really is a very caring practice!

Louise Cockerton

I receive regular treatment from DR Jonathan having suffered a herniated disk that led to numbness in my legs and sever back pain. I have sort numerous healthcare professionals; however DR Jonathan has worked with me to make huge improvements! All the staff are very approachable and always provide a welcoming and friendly service. Highly recommended.

James Tuthill

Staff are incredibly welcoming and comforting whether it’s your first appointment or latest. I’ve attended a full course, usually with 2 appointments a week. Advice and support is freely available while Dr Jonathan provides an informative and comfortable atmosphere. Highly recommend.

Sandra Pill

I came to see Dr Jonathan about a year ago after I had a problem with a knee after a fall, on the advice of my husband who has had regular adjustments since Dr Jonathan started in practice. It is always a pleasure to visit and have total confidence in the adjustments he makes and I have no hesitation in recommending him to others.

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