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It’s Always Nice to Hear What Others Have To Say.

Mandy Holland

Regular adjustments with Inspired Chiropractic help me to manage my stress levels and keep my neck and back flexible and pain free.

Alyona Dyer

First time I visited Dr Jonathan Wilson about a year ago, when I was 9 months pregnant with my second child. My back was a total “grid lock”. It was painful and very uncomfortable. After first several sessions I felt a great relief, I started sleeping better and was totally ready for the arrival of my precious little baby. Now I visit him every other week to fix all the other back issues, which were acquired in my twenties and aggravated by constant picking up and carrying my 10kg and 19kg bundles of joy. Turns out we are not invincible:) He really knows what he is doing and actually focuses on your problem areas. My husband now visits him too and we are both happy with the experience. Other than glorious Dr Jonathan Wilson, the whole entire staff is really great. They call to remind me about appointment. They are always kind and polite. Whenever I come in, they ask me about my day, and Don even remembers things that I told her a while back. Another important thing for me is that the front office and rooms are really clean. It’s a really great place and truly good people, who actually want to make people feel better. Thank you for that!


I had a terrible back injury many years ago and I was suffering very badly. I tried so many different treatments and medications but they only gave me short term ease from one week to the next and they never really cured my chronic pain and every day discomfort. Eventually I couldn’t even sit in comfort, standing up and walking for long periods of time was equally uncomfortable for me and I was totally giving up hope for a better life before I saw Doctor Jonathan Wilson. I cannot say thank you enough; ever since I have been receiving his Chiropractic treatment my general health and wellbeing are greatly improved and I feel I can get on with my life again.

He is a truly knowledgeable, qualified, talented and caring Doctor for your needs and I can honestly recommend Doctor Jonathan Wilson to anyone.

Mark King

All the staff are friendly and the experience and treatment is first class. Chiropractic care through the safe hands of the team can give a life time of recovery against more standard practices like surgery that only give sort term pain relief which seems to cause more problems than than it solves. it should be considered as part of a life time plan for a healthy body, mind and soul.

James McBride

From first stepping in & meeting the lovely Karley on reception I had the feeling we were in very good hands. My wife & I both suffer with long term back problems & from the first appointment with Jonathan he made us feel very at ease & explained clearly how & why our bodies were not functioning properly & gave us confidence in his ability to improve our mobility & wellbeing. My only regret is that I didn’t go to him years ago!

Mark Lord

I have been visiting Jonathan since I had been having troubles with walking, running, and sitting (pain and awkwardness in motion). After just a few sessions I was feeling much better, and with continued fortnightly adjustments I’ve been feeling quite well. I am able to walk normally, run 10km in under an hour, and sit at a desk 5 day a week, comfortably. Looking forward to continuing my progress.

Lisa P

Very nice experience since it is the first time I have visited a chiropractor. Would have no hesitation in recommending to anybody.

Property Cleaning Services

Would highly recommend this practice. Jonathan is a true professional who made me feel at ease after being very nervous at my first appointment. Now I look forward to seeing him. Just wish I had gone to him sooner!

Mihai Eusebiu Cont

After first session of treatment, an overwhelming improvement. Thank you.


Jonathan and his team are so welcoming and friendly couldn’t recommend them enough. Even if you have reservations about the treatment give it a try. I only wish I had reached out for help and advice sooner.


On retirement from career civil service desk work, I came to Norwich to live some 6 years ago. I brought with me, an at least 9 year history of badly degenerative knee damage, and lower lumber restrictions. I can honestly say that Jonathan’s regular adjustments delayed the inevitable right knee replacement surgery by 3 years and that of my left knee by a further 2 years. The regular adjustments continue to help supplement my knee surgery and lower back issues to aid my recovery and help my body to adjust to walking normally, now, foer ther first time in many years, without a pronounced limp. My wife has also been a long-time patient, first for RSI. She has a history of neck issues and facial nuralgia, all of which have been managed by regular adjustments. Both of us feel the benefits of the treatment and as we get older, feel these will be a positive antidote to the ageing process…

George Henderson

I have been a regular for a long time. I have regular 2 weekly adjustment as I sit at a desk 5 days a week. I have also found that when colds and bugs are around I tend to miss them in fact I cannot remember the last time I can say I was under the weather

Stuart Bennett

Very professional service.

Alison Stebbing

Doctor Jonathan and Dawn at Inspired chiropractic make a brilliant team, I enjoy attending my sessions at Inspired and always emerge a happier and more relaxed person! I have been attending for almost a year and the improvement I have experienced is amazing. Not only have I felt significant increase in mobility and reduction in pain in my back and neck, I have also made small changes to my lifestyle as a result of my sessions and I am a much happier and energetic person as a result!

Andy Buxton

Excellent visit. Everyone was incredibly friendly and helpful. Super service. Highly recommended

Sergio Aguero

Tracy McLeod

After years of pain, I hoped that Inspired Chioropractic would be able to help me but I wasn’t expecting the huge improvement in my general well being as well as the improved mobility and pain reduction. It has been and still is the best choice I’ve made for my physical and mental health in decades. Jonathan and his team are wonderful, I’m so glad I made that first appointment.

yongxing yang

Aura Aura

Richard Haughton

Always friendly, caring and professional. My pain levels and mobility are much improved, thank you.

Jason Scott Oakes

I first went to Doctor Jonathan after I had a recurring issue with a back problem causing my left leg to go lame. The initial assessment was the most thorough I had ever had, from any Chiropractor, it quickly identified the areas that were causing the problems and explained to me with the aid of a clear and well presented report.

The initial 4 week period of treatment resolved the problem with my left leg and I was able to walk without a limp. Once the blockages had been removed I found that the treatment in the next 4 to 8 weeks started to repair the damage and strengthen the area that had felt very weak.

Overall the treatment that I have received over the past 2 years has not only been restricted to manipulations as he also provides guidance on general wellness, supported by regular presentations on managing health issues.

The combination of treatment, education and support have resulted in no further recurrence of the original issues and improvements in mobility and energy levels as well as a reduction in the pain levels; all without the use of any type of prescription medication.

So impressed with the treatment and aftercare from Doctor Jonathan I have recommended him to others and would not hesitate to do so again.

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