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It’s Always Nice to Hear What Others Have To Say.

Allen Cheetham

Everyone very helpful and I have always been seen at my appointment time.
Top marks!

Charlotte Clarke

I have been going to Jonathan now for 2 months after my first pregnancy and my back has improved ever so quickly. I can now move about better and I’m in less pain. The reception staff are lovely too, always so helpful and chatty.
Really recommend!

Barry Whelan

My first visit was an excellent learning process to understand my sciatica with informative explanations and scans. I look forward to being treated with confidence to get pain free.


I’d been struggling with back and shoulder pain for a long time and none of the typical routes were providing any relief. It got to a point where i couldn’t sleep and struggled with my job, but having anxiety I’d always put off trying anything like chiropractic. I messaged Inspired via the website and within an hour had a phonecall from Amanda, and words will never be able to express how thankful I am to her for her kindness and reassurance! I had an appointment the next day with Dr Jonathan, who is infinitely knowledgeable with a great sense of humour! Karly and Jodi are always so welcoming and friendly, an absolute credit. After just 3 appointments I got a full night sleep and felt ‘good’ , which is honestly something I’d forgotten was possible. I am eternally grateful!!

Neil Wyllie

Cosywhispers ASMR

Always friendly and incredibly helpful

Marilyn Thompson

Excellent care and extremely helpful staff. Would definitely recommend to all my family and friends.

Laura Vijunaite

Josh Pond

Blanca Palmero

Best chiropractic in Norwich, greatly helped with years of back pain!

Sammy Norman

I’m not going to write about my own health and treatment as everyone is different, I’m only reviewing the clinic itself.

This is a wonderful place to attend! It is clean, the staff are wonderful and I have never been kept waiting :) If you do come early and need to wait, there is always a lovely chat with Karley on reception! They know everyone that comes personally and it’s lovely when they remember something you told them before, here you are a person, not a number. I’ve never felt so welcomed and cared about in a clinic before.
Dr Jonathan is very knowledgeable and listens to all your concerns and tries different things if needed.
They have a large treatment room upstairs and when I was feeling really bad and could not do the stairs, he was more than happy to see me in the Upstairs room (I’m normally adjusted downstairs), I was ever so grateful for this. It was lovely to feel important.

If you are looking to try Chiropractic care, I highly recommend this place!

Carine Barron

After years of neck pain and migraines following multiple whiplash injuries, I have finally found a place who has taken my pain seriously and also been able to fix the underlying issue. In less than 6 weeks I feel like a different person and have rediscovered a pain free life. Cannot recommend enough! Plus the staff are all so kind and welcoming, it’s a pleasure to visit every time.

Olga Cabada González

I am very pleased with Inspired Chiropractic and with Dr Wilson. I had back and neck pain for two years and now it is pretty much gone. We are still working on it. It has definitely improved my quality of life.

Jaya Misra

Amazing experience, it was very informative firstly and just with my 1st visit I started to feel a difference. I am going for a full course as directed and very keen to see my back issues getting better. Thank you!

Bailie Parker

All of the staff were lovely and very welcoming, they gave me many options regarding the times of my appointments to fit around my work schedule and were very accommodating. Everything was explained well by the receptionist and she made sure I had everything I needed and was informed about everything. Dr Johnathan explained everything he was doing and made sure I understood, he was also very welcoming and made sure I was comfortable with everything that he did.

Overall a very warm, welcoming and inviting practice.

Monica Coen

On my first visit I was a little anxious and Dr. Wilson put me greatly at ease as he explained to me about the treatments and how they are done to help me get past this injury I have. I have since been for the second time and feel more confidant that I will be back playing the sport I enjoy hopefully before too long after some more treatment with Inspired Chiropractic.

Nelson P

Friendly staff and I learned more about myself than I would have ever expected. Highly recommended.

Susie Snooks

After many years of pain and searching for a way to understand why I feel the way I do I am hopeful I have found the answers and plan for treatment which will make my life enjoyable again after feeling in despair about the way forward and this has restored my hope that I can get well.

colin brown

The level of care and treatment I have received has been absolutely fantastic. The staff are friendly and welcoming and Jonathan Wilson is so skilled in what he does. My pain has decreased substantially, making my work and home life far more enjoyable. I cannot recommend highly enough.


Johnathon is really terrific. He is kind, helpful, sympathetic and understanding of all my problems. I have been coming to him for quite a while and I had a break in December because I had a serious operation. I was doubtful of coming back because I felt so bad, but I did, and I realise i should have come back before. He has really sorted me out and I would recommend him to anyone with a problem. His lovely staff, Karely and Jodie are great too. They are so understanding.
Peter Rose
I,ve had back problems from an injury from 40 years ago, and when it plays up I usually visit an osteopath .

I aggravated it very badly last summer and was virtually crippled, even purchased some crutches as I couldn’t walk without them. I visited my usual osteopath many times without more than some relief for a day, I tried a highly recommended physiotherapist a few times, two more recommended osteopaths and an acupuncturist with no real improvement.
I also saw my doctor who put me on Naproxen tablets, Amitriptyline tablets and got hold of some Lidocaine patches. Even with all these I was in extreme pain, hardly able to stand, whimpering and crying out in pain from my lower back with a whole mixture of numbness, tingles, aches and pains in my right foot and down my right leg.
I was finally referred to Norwich hospital for an MIR scan with a view to a possible back operation pending scan results.
As a last ditched effort my wife searched the internet and found Dr Johnathan and sent me off a week ago.

I noticed a roughly 10% improvement after each of my first 3 visits, hard to be precise as I was still using the pain medication but after my 4th visit there was a massive improvement, I was able to stop taking the Ameitriptyline tablets and reduce the Naproxen’s from 3 a day to just one first thing in the morning and today I haven’t needed any Lidocaine patches. ALL the sensations in my leg and foot are now gone and my lower back is almost there, just a mild ache / sore spot that sometimes goes altogether.

Just had my 5th adjustment, and am hoping that tomorrow morning I will not need anymore pain killers etc.

So after about 8 months of extreme disabling pain I,ve almost been cured in just 10 days/5 visits, obviously I shall continue my visits which I believe now become gradually more spaced out.

What more can I say..? Well beware !! Don’t tell your wife your backs virtually cured if you visit Johnathan as I’ve just been given 8 months backlog of chores to do around the house.

Paul Smith

Only recently started to attend the practice, but 1st impression is very good indeed. You get a very warm welcome from Karley on reception followed by very knowledgeable as well as informative treatment from Dr Wilson. Only time will tell how well I respond well to the adjustments, but so far so good.

Lucy Di Benedetto

My back felt so much better after the first session and I continue to see constant improvements everyday! Definitely recommend.

Chloe Mc

The team at Inspired Chiropractic are fabulous. Reception team are lovely and friendly. Dr Jonathan is extremely knowledgeable and made me feel at ease from my first appointment. I am seeing results that are making a huge positive change to my life.

Nicholas Armstrong

I have been suffering with back pain for the last 17 years, been to many different types of therapists. None have seem to have help as much as Jonathan and I’ve only had two sessions, for me at this moment in time money well spent!!

Gary Townsend

Thank you for your understanding and the way you put me at ease. Looking forward to you dealing with my shoulder problem over the next few weeks. 100% satisfied!

Dexter Secker

Very professional from all the staff. I would highly recommend it to others!

Keith Webb

A first class professional set up… very impressed with all that I have seen.

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