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It’s Always Nice to Hear What Others Have To Say.

Louise Fisher

I first visited Inspired Chiropractic when I was in a lot of pain, unable to lie down, sit for very long or walk short distances. Dr Jonathan’s continuous and professional attention has meant I can now enjoy outdoor activities like I used to, running, walking and biking with my family. Excellent attention and knowledge.

Lucy Brewer

Simply put the team at Inspired Chiropractic are brilliant! They have really helped me and I would highly recommend them.

David McCall

I have known Jonathan for quite a few years and have had marvellous treatment from him, I have also referred many people to Inspired Chiropractic, he is without doubt the best chiropractor I have ever known, his treatment for people is first class.

David Hay

I came to see Jonathan because I have had sciatica. I have had surgery and physiotherapy over the last 4 years and it was constantly there. After one session with him I already had results. As I was walking out of the building I had already noticed a difference with my posture and my sciatic pain. I do a lot of walking as a job and it has changed my life not being in pain all the time. My only fault is that I didn’t see him sooner.

Helen Kiernan

I’ve been visiting Inspired Chiropractic for around a year now and the level of service is excellent. The girls on reception are so friendly and welcoming as is Jonathan, and most importantly I’ve seen noticeable results in the overall health of my neck and back. Highly recommend:)

Nidhi Sharma

If you are here looking for a chiropractor it means you need one. Don’t hesitate- go see Jonathan. Jonathan will improve your quality of life right from the first session. This man knows what he’s doing. I am really grateful that he helped both my husband and I over a very short period of time. Our only regret about leaving Norwich was not being able to see him for adjustments anymore. I have a habit of injuring myself a lot and hence I have always had the need of a chiropractor. But during my entire life there are ONLY two chiropractors that have ticked all the boxes. Of course, one of them is Jonathan (the other is Canadian and unless you happen to be in Newfoundland, it doesn’t matter). The reason he is so awesome (apart from his experience), is his Australian chiropractic training. Australian, Canadian and American chiropractors go through 4 years of med school before specialising in Chiropractic care. Their knowledge is a lot superior and deeper than the others. Book a session without hesitation!

Linda Jones

I was very nervous but was put at ease straight away from my first appointment. I am very confident that at the end of my treatment my back would have improved enormously.

Kevin Lambert

Excellent experience. I first went to Jonathan after three bouts of severe back pain. Jonathan sorted the problems causing the pain quickly. Since then I have continued to visit regularly over last few years and have had no re-occurrence of the severe pain I had in past. The regular adjustments help combat the problems of a desk job and long drive, which mean I am sitting a large proportion of the day. It is always a pleasant experience and has kept me pain free.

Kali Milburn

Really finding Dr. Wilsons chiropractic work incredibly helpful. His knowledge is incredible and I feel safe whilst procedures are being done. Everything is painless and noticeable differences afterwards

Fiona Edwards

Excellent experience from the moment I called asking for help. Dr John talks you through the issues and the possible… Excellent experience from the moment I called asking for help. Dr John talks you through the issues and the possible solutions. Follow the advice and you won’t go wrong.

Don Fitzpatrick

My GP’s answer to my damaged shoulder, due to a fall, was pain killers and a monthly sick note obtained by phone. No inspection of the damaged shoulder at all. I did this for 2 months with no improvement at all. Seeing Jonathan made me realise how bent out of shape I was, even before my fall.

Within 2 months, I have most of the mobility back, very little pain and my well being has been improved well beyond my expectations. A list of the thing that have been improved since my visits.
a) I stand up straight again.
b) Slight numbness in my left toe has gone
c) My balance has improved greatly, I can put socks on standing on one leg
d) My feeling of well being has increased.
e) My energy levels have improved greatly
f) I pick my feet up again and do not keep tripping on uneven pavement slabs.
NHS offering was a steroid injection to mask the pain from the damage, I declined the offer.

Stuart Ling

“I have had lower back pain for a long time, relating to pass injury’s and the nature of my physical work. I have never used a chiropractor before, but after my very first visit I couldn’t believe the benefit I received feeling a massive improvement not only within myself but with the information I was given. I would highly recommend anyone to at least try.”

Maxine Rallison

I was listened to, and I felt my welfare and health was important to Jonathan, very caring.

Michael Johnson

Having suffered from Sciatica for some years I have undergone regular Chiropractic care with Jonathan & am now able to enjoy cycling, walking, gardening & DIY with little or no discomfort. I also enjoy his jokes (most of the time!)

Chris Pink

Inspired Chiropractic help my back function properly which means all the other body parts that rely on it, work better as well.

Adam Wilson

Great service and great staff – would highly recommend!


“Absolutely friendly, caring and helpful, so informative and totally professional. I have received amazing results in such a short time not only physically but the positive mental effect on my well being has surprised me. Thank you”

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