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It’s Always Nice to Hear What Others Have To Say.

Tracey King

Dr Jonathan Wilson is a very friendly and professional chiropractor and his staff are fantastic I am looking forward to my next appointments

Ellie kittysox

My neck pain had been awful for years and was only getting worse. Having tried everything including a couple of oesteopaths and acupuncture I finally tried chiropractic care. The improvement was immediate and I’ve been delighted with every aspect of my experience with Inspired Chiropractic. The whole team is friendly and very professional, the premesis are spotless and most importantly I’m not in pain anymore.

Tony Vieira

Ian Percival

Very friendly and helpful advice would not hesitate to recommend to friends and family

Charlie Smith

This is my first time visiting a Chiropractor and I was made to feel very at ease and very comfortable. Polite, professional, friendly and welcoming staff. Lovely practice. It’s early days but I’m very positive I will get brilliant results..thankyou very much so far Dr Jonathan Wilson :-)

Pauline Whitton

So far, I am very impressed with the initial consultation and the first adjustment. Jonathan explained everything clearly to me and I already feel confident that Jonathan can help me recover properly.

Jean Green

I have found the practice very welcoming and friendly. I have spoken to Amanda on the phone and she was very helpful, Dawn is always friendly when I arrive for my appointment and Dr Jonathon always sees me on time and put me at ease from the first appointment, he explained everything very well. Its a great friendly, informative professional practice and I would highly recommend it as after 1 week my back is feeling so much better than I can remember for years. A plus is you keep your clothes on – unlike other chiropractors I have visited in the past… An all together warm and friendly service that exceeds your expectations and fixes things you didn’t know you needed fixing. Go for it -don’t just live with it as pain can be solved and who knows what goals you can then achieve.

Laura Holland

“Loving it! Aware of a noticeable, positive difference after every visit”

Paula Davies

When I decided to visit Inspired Chiropractic I was in a lot of pain and I felt the pain was here to stay. I can now move more easily and my pain is 90% better. I am feeling as though I am getting my old self back.

Nadia Allen

It’s still early days but I already feel improvement in my overall health & well being. In addition to this, in spite of the process being a result of health & pain issues I actually enjoy my visits. A rare thing for health care! Both Jonathan & Dawn provide a professional yet friendly service making new clients feel at ease straight away.

Bridget Crow

I’ve been visiting Jonathan for over a year now as I had chronic pain, lethargy and was finding climbing stairs and walking difficult. I’d been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and arthritis and had quite honestly lost hope of ever feeling well again. I can hardly put into words the difference that Dr Jonathan’s treatment adjustments have made to me. I feel 20 years younger and my old self again! I can now walk over a mile and climb stairs easily, something I never thought I’d be able to do again. Thank you so much for giving me my life back Jonathan, I now recommend you to everyone I hear complaining about pain and ailments. Please check technical tips below as tablets may not work for these reviews.

Hazel Appleton

The friendliness and smiles of the team really help to put me at ease, and at no point did I feel ignored or belittled. Really grateful to have started a new journey to wellbeing with them!

James Lewis

I walked in with excruitating back pain and after only 3 visits my movement is so much better and almost pain free. The team at Inspired have educated me on ‘what was wrong’ after a detailed initial discussion and examination. I am now on my 4th visit and feel so much better with little pain and actually look forward to my visits as i know that they are doing me good!!

Oksana Sokolova

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