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It’s Always Nice to Hear What Others Have To Say.

Richard Warner

First visited with neck and shoulder pain, over time with regular adjustments pain is greatly reduced and overall wellbeing has improved. Inspired Chiropractic is highly recommended.

Sarah Watkins

I suffered a serious back injury 15 months ago and Dr Jonathan idenitifed straight away the diagnosis. This gave me total confidence and assurance on my path to recovery. I am now able do much more physically and look forward to getting back to full health.. The team are always very welcoming. I highly recommend a visit.


I’m one of the ‘lucky’ people who has experiences of all kinds of body/ muscular pain! I’ve had these pains for over 4+ years- I was never sure of each problem and I’d never considered a chiropractor until I found this place. In the very first meeting Jonathan was able to pinpoint every problem I had which I couldn’t get my head round but there we are. I have been having regular adjustments since October and I have been doing better despite ongoing pain every now and then, it is taking time but without these adjustments I don’t know how I would be coping now. So without a doubt it is helping. Jody and Karley as receptionists are just the best too, I always look forward to my visits, thank you all for everything you do! :)

Jan Davis

Since playing rugby as a teenager my back has had a tough life! Exacerbated by working at a computer I used to suffer aching shoulders and migraines. My condition changed significantly for the better when I started attending Inspired Chiropractic on a regular basis. I now feel so confident in my body that, coming up to my 65th birthday, I’m running the London Marathon – with the help of Dr Jonathan at Inspired Chiropractic!

Robert Lam

Fortnightly adjustments have helped me recover immensely from longstanding lower back pain and improved my strength and flexibility. Convenient location and friendly staff.

Alison Whalen

I recently injured my upper back and was in a lot of pain. Dr Wilson immediately identified the problem and after several visits over a two week period the pain was gone and I had full movement again. All the staff are professional and friendly.

Barry Stone

“I was suffering with a serious disc injury which meant that I couldn’t walk and standing was affecting my work. Surgery was not an option for me and I couldn’t see how I could get my life back. With chiropractic care I can now do most things, can work and although I am not symptom free my quality of life is back for the most part.”

Jaiden Thomas

Jonathan is fantastic as are karly and jodie. Make you feel extremely welcome and valued. I visit once a week and now feel 20 years younger.

Philip Eve

I have been visiting Inspired Chiropractic since July 2017, for various problems including tightness of the neck, and shoulder pain. The service has been very professional throughout, and I am hoping that my immediate need for treatment will be resolved by July 2018. My only caveat would be: do not expect quick results or miracle cures – it is a long haul!

Patricia Kennett

Inspired Chiropractic has made such a positive difference to my life. From being in so much pain with osteoarthritis in my lower back unable to exercise, I feared that I’d never again be able to hike, cycle or dance without debilitating pain and began to feel that life wouldn’t be worth living. After a couple of years of GP visits, physio appointments and hospital investigations, I was at my wits end. It was at this point that a friend suggested Chiropractic care. I researched what was available in Norwich and I emailed Jonathon at Inspired Chiropractic. He contacted me almost immediately and after listening to my experiences, was confident he could help me. He had a very positive attitude and inspired confidence. Although sceptical, I agreed to an assessment and have not looked back since. Improvement in my condition was immediate and gradually over time with each adjustment of the spine, my gait improved and I am now able to walk and exercise better that I ever did before.

Steve Smith

I have been a patient of Dr Jonathan for 15 years. In this time, his adjustments have kept my general health in fantastic condition and this has provided the base for a full and busy work, family and excercise-filled life. Always a pleasure to catch up with, Jon is all-round good bloke who I credit with keeping me well.

Felicity Garey

I have had Chiropractic treatment since 1990, when living near Diss in Norfolk, when I moved to Norwich in 2016 I looked for another practice. Luckily I chose Inspired Chiropractic where, with weekly adjustments, my back and neck are loosened up to ease the tightness. I have Osteoarthritis and also Cervical Spondylosis, which causes my head to drop down forwards, which is uncomfortable and effects my breathing and posture. A few months ago I had Sciatica, down my left side, and with one treatment it was eased and hasn’t returned. There is no need to strip down to a gown, as with my former practice, because with modern ways, to achieve pain relief, it is not always necessary. Thank you, Jonathan and receptionists, so much for your time and care which means that I walk taller when I leave after my treatment.

Mark Elmy

As a psychologist, I understand the importance of the unimpeded connection between the brain and the bodies extremities through both the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system and how important this is for optimal performance both physically, psychologically and neurologically. This is why I visit Inspired Chiropractic for regular adjustments.

The Norfolk Agents

For 15years+ I had bulging L4 disc + damaged C4 and experienced random bouts of extreme pain, headaches and regular sciatica. My Physio recommended Inspired when I was having a particularly tough time, and whilst the pain and headaches are not completely gone they are much less frequent and totally manageable. Inspired have enabled me to get my life back to normal and play more golf as well which is brilliant. Simon

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