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It’s Always Nice to Hear What Others Have To Say.

Alex Davies

Over the past couple of years, Jonathan has really helped me to overcome a weakness in my lower back. He has also helped when any other body parts malfunction, including a strained wrist. I really feel like Jonathan tries to understand what is going on with my back, and any life changes that might be affecting my spinal health. Dawn and Amanda are great too, so helpful and friendly, it really does feel like I’m part of the Inspired Chiropractic family!

Karen Davies

Jonathan really helped me throughout my pregnancy to alleviate any pain associated to it. Thanks to his treatments, I managed to have a trouble free pregnancy and a natural birth experience. Having chiropractic care also helped to shorten my labour and delivery.

Victoria Karkoska

I came to see Jonathan after 2 years of suffering with upper back, neck and arm pain triggered by using a laptop for work. Since coming to inspired my symptoms have become a lot more manageable and my pain has reduced. I am so glad I decided to try it!

John Irving

I took a lot of convincing to see Jonathan – an Aussie? In Norfolk? I’ve had occasional back problems for years and only had treatment when it flared up. My wife, a chiropractic regular, convinced me that prevention is better than cure, so I maintain a monthly appointment to make sure everything is in its place. As well as your back, Jonathan can be relied on to put the world to rights as well!

Lucy Read

I came to see Dr Jonathan after a number of my colleagues had recommended him to me. Due to working at a computer for eight hours a day in a fairly stressful role, for the past 9 months I had been suffering from upper back pain, neck and headaches. New to the area of Chiropractic treatment, I was slightly apprehensive but I need not be worried. All the staff at Inspired are incredibly warm, friendly and welcoming. After four treatments I am already seeing benefits and am sure I will continue to improve aided by a new and inspired sense of well-being. Thank you!

Paddy Venner

This guy cracks me up – Dr Jonathan gives a whole new meaning to snap, crackle and pop. I started seeing him a couple of years back after waking every morning with a headache that was rooted in my neck. My neck turned stiffly and sounded and felt like it had sand granules in it. My neck is completely restored and my lower back pain is greatly alleviated. Service with a smile is paramount at Inspired Chiropractic – I know when he’s about to pull a major manoeuvre on my neck – he tells a joke. Strongly recommended.

Michael Clarke

“Having tried almost all there is over the years for my lower back problem I feel very confident after two visits at Jonathan’s Chiropractic Clinic that I don’t have to live with it … I can improve my back and be free of pain …. Jonathan explains in great detail how the body works and explains why we suffer with back problems … A very enlightening experience so far …. A warm welcome from Jonathan and also Dawn on reception which immediately puts you at ease …” Jean Clarke


Consistently feeling better since starting my treatment plan with inspired.

The Good Ol’ Boy

Dr, J He Cracks My Back When I Turn Up I Am In Pain Of Professionalism He Has No Lack And When I Leave As Right As Rain The Ambience Is So Relaxed He Always Makes Me Feel At Ease Even Down To The Jokes He Cracks And My Joints No Longer Seize When I first came to see Dr Jonathan I was in a lot of pain and could hardly walk. I truly thought I would not return to a normal life again. Now I walk with ease and I have taken my health more seriously and have worked towards losing weight and have been able to stop my diabetes medication, though will and determination.

L French

I started going to Inspired a few months ago on the recommendation of a friend. I knew very little about how chiropractic works, but I had tried other options and was in enough pain to give it a go. I’ve had a lower back, pelvis & hip problem for over a year, probably partly related to an underlying long-term condition, and with the combination I’d got to the point where I felt close to having to go off sick from work. The improvements I’ve experienced have been gradual, but striking: I actually noticed a significant improvement in my energy levels before I noticed the pain lessening, though I have gone from taking two painkillers a day to generally taking none now. If you’ve never had chiropractic, it is costly, but all I can say is I haven’t been doing anything else differently over the past few months and, aside from the odd lapse, I am generally in much less pain than I was, so I feel it’s definitely worthwhile.

Sarah Holmes

I first went to Jonathan when I was in a lot of pain with my back and neck. He carried out a detailed assessment and recommended a course of treatment. I am much better with much less pain and very little discomfort. Life is much improved and I continue to visit for regular treatment to ensure it stays that way.

Kevin Goff

The team at Inspired Chiropractic have all been extremely very friendly and helpful since the day I first visited with back problems. They made me feel welcome from day one and take time to get to know you. I was amazed to learn some of the things that Jonathan has shown me and how your body works. The treatment is first class, thanks very much.

Francis Dodson

When I made the decision to see a chiropractor I wanted to ‘cure’ my pain as quick as possible – I never expected that my experience would drastically change my whole life! I suffered with back pain and sciatica for 2 years, and after only a couple of weeks with Jonathan my pain has significantly decreased, I’ve learnt so much about my body, my moods are lifted, I’m generally happier and I never knew what true relaxation was until now! I always enjoy and look forward to my visits to Inspired and I have and will continue to recommend everyone and anyone!

Phyllida Scrivens

When I was incapacitated with low back pain graduating into my leg, I thought my health was finished at age 60. A friend recommended Dr Jonathan. He taught me that this long-term problem was now manifesting itself after an over active session of gardening and that it could be a long haul. Now after three months we are almost there, thanks to Dr Jonathan’s persistence, respect for my problems, and professional approach. Some days I will enter his reception feeling sorry for myself, but the lovely Dawn soon puts a smile on my face. I would certainly recommend Inspired Chiropractic for a number of problems – it cannot hurt just to give them a try. Don’t suffer unnecessarily.

Marilyn Pearson

I was a District Nurse for 30 years and suffered with back pain as a consequence. I was recommended to Jonathan when he first worked in Norwich and I have been attending his clinic on a fairly regular basis ever since retiring.Without the regular adjustments to my neck and spine I would not be enjoying my retirement and especially playing golf. I would like to thank Dawn for her ever positive manner and especially Jonathan for keeping me upright. Marilyn Pearson

Sharon Beard

Great service and lovely people. So friendly and helpful. Really recommend them.

Marilyn Griffin

I am greatly encouraged that a long standing condition can be significantly improved.

Marisa Aeschbach

I can highly recommend treatment at Inspired Chiropractic. The team are always very welcoming and friendly and most importantly, I can see significant improvements regarding my neck and shoulder after regular treatments. Thank you very much for improving my posture and overall wellbeing.

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